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Learning How Soccer Balls Are Made

Soccer, or football, is one of the most popular sports in the world today. While it may not catch rabid attention here in America, almost anywhere else in the world it is by far the most popular game. You probably have seen this as the 2010 World Cup in South Africa just barely finished. In […]

Soccer Coaching for Dummies

If you are looking to get a soccer coaching job, you’re trying to get your lazy team in shape, or if you are looking to get your own skills up to snuff, here are some drills and coaching ideas that can get you in shape in no time. After all, soccer is one of the […]

The Economics of the Football World Cup 2010

Hosting a world cup is an expensive commitment Brand Cialis and as FIFA have come to realise it is not just the host country which is impacted but the global economy is affected as well. For this reason corporate sponsorship is always keen to be involved and in particular sports brands. 80% of the sponsorship […]

Chivas USA Tickets – New Coach Means New Milestones for Chivas USA

Last season, Chivas USA finished in the middle of the pack in the Western Conference, and the offseason brought several changes for the team. One of the biggest was new coach Martin Vasquez. He replaces Predrag “Preki” Radosavljevic, who is now the manager at Toronto FC. Under new leadership, the team struggled to start the […]

Top 10 Football Movies

Football has been grabbing the hearts and minds of people from around the world over the last four weeks. As the World Cup 2010 comes to a close, it’s a good time to reflect on some of the best football movies to keep people occupied through the summer months. Football has Levitra Professional inspired many […]

Great Ways to Support Your Child’s Soccer Team

We all have heard the stereotype of “soccer mom”. And we might have known one in our lifetime. It’s the cheerful mom that has the gigantic minivan that can basically fit the whole children’s team. She transports the team to and from every game, every practice, and basically anything else that she wants the children […]

Manchester United Tickets – If/When Alex Ferguson Leaves, Who Will Take His Place?

According to many news sources, it is the end of an era for Manchester United. It is still speculation at this point, but many are guessing that the 2009-10 season will be manager Sir Alex Ferguson’s last. Manchester United is undeniably one of the most featured names in the English Premier League, and much of […]

The Greatest Ever World Cup Games

The World Cup is the greatest sporting show on earth. Levitra Brand Viagra Professional Every four years the world comes to a standstill to watch it. This is the case regardless if your country is competing in it. Since it began in 1930 there have been some fantastic matches. Which though are the greatest World […]

What You Need to Know Before You Have Your First Soccer Game

With the 2010 World Cup starting this month and continuing into the month of July, soccer is going to be on the minds of millions of fans this summer. The world is going to go crazy for soccer. While soccer might Brand Viagra not be the most popular sport here in America, the popularity of […]

Following the Etiquette of a True Soccer Fan

The 2010 World Cup in South Africa is coming up very quickly, and all the world is waiting in suspense. Soccer is king everywhere from Europe to Latin America, and in June and July practically the whole world will be glowing when everybody is sporting their team’s color. One place you might not find that […]