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Understanding Your Options in Negotiating a Child Custody Arrangement

Let’s face it – no one enjoys going through the divorce process. Divorce can be difficult enough, and yet becomes an even more fragile situation when children are involved. It’s the responsibility of the parents to ensure that the divorce process is as smooth and painless as possible for the child. Thus, surveying your options […]

Dating after Divorce

If you are recently divorced and are thinking about entering the dating world again there are some things you need to think about. Let’s face it,a divorce can be a tramatic experience for all those involved and jumping into the dating scene can be more than many divorcees are ready to deal with. The only […]

The Difference Between Legal Separation and Divorce in Oregon

In Oregon, the distinction between divorce and legal separation is an important one. Both require a court ruling to dictate the terms and put the process into effect, but they have different implications. Since each state determines their own rules regarding divorce, it is necessary for those people considering dissolution of a marriage to learn […]

Guide to Getting Your Girlfriend Back Easily

Want to get your girlfriend back, but you are afraid of her response if you step even a foot close? Even if you broke up with her two weeks ago or a day ago, there is still plenty of time to get your girlfriend back – but the matter at hand depends on your actions […]

5 Top Rules For Not Losing Her

It’s been almost a week and you haven’t heard from your sweet love. On the street, you have seen her walk by and talk to other men. She sees you but she doesn’t comprehend your there or doesn’t even take the time to say hi. This is a good sign that your ex girlfriend is […]

6 Tips to Get Your Girlfriend Back

When you break with your girlfriend and she’s all you think about, you start thinking of ways to get her back. This is a normal for every break up and so here’s some advice in how to get her back. 1. It’s crucial that you don’t chase her. This means that you have to end […]

Postnuptial Agreements – A Joint Legal Expression Of A Couple’s Wishes

Many people believe that having a postnuptial agreement is like planning for a marriage to fail, when quite the opposite is true. In the United States, 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce. Frequently, those unions dissolve over financial issues and other matters that were never clearly delineated between the couple before they married. […]

The Magic Of Making Up eBook

Relationships are one of the most significant reasons why we value our stay and purpose in this world. Sometimes if everything is failing apart in the relationship, the tendency is, we go along with the fall which affects our state of emotions and minds. Breaking up needs an emotional time, not just for the person […]

Child Custody Laws – A Child’s Right To Choose

There are no hard and fast child custody laws when it comes to a child’s right to choose which parent to live with after a divorce. Not only is family law different in each state, it also varies from judge to judge. Unfortunately, many custody cases are adversarial, pitting parents’ divorce attorneys against each other […]

How To Cope With A Painful Divorce

Marriage is one of the most exciting moments in a couple’s life. Viagra Professional It is Brand Cialis a day that they have planned for and thought about for some time. The couple expects to live happily ever after from that point on. However, this does not always happen. Once a marriage has lost its […]