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Is Secularization Good For Interreligious Relations?

According to some sociologists (Peter Berger, Grace Davie), secularization – in a sense of a gradual demise of explicit influence of religion in public life, state politics, legal framework, but also the lessening of the proportion of people who identify as religious – is something quite particular and limited to Europe, and those elites outside […]

Roman Catholic Dissent of Supreme Court Decision Mandating Marriage Equality

Roman Catholics appreciate the separation of Church and State and obey the law of the land. (Romans 13: 1-7) That law provides the right to dissent openly and honestly. Catholics are saying this in response to the U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on Obgergefell Vs Hodges. The highest court in the land held that the recognition […]

Bible Codes Hidden in Alphabetical and Numerical Systems

Did you know there is a code hidden inside of the Alphabet and numbering system? I hear your shocked disbelief that any such thing could be possible considering it is a message of doom. The message has been known in secret circles for many years. The encoded message has inspired people from all walks of […]

Psychics, Astrology, as Well as Relationship Recommendations

Aside from occupation assistance that psychics can give for their customers, they are likewise renowned in offering guidelines or step-by-step advices about love and also connection. Their credibility for producing company magnates to the ideal success techniques have the same ranking as how they institute healthy and balanced, long-term and also satisfied love relationships. The […]

Different Styles of Astrological Forecasts

Astrological Forecasts are frequently stated to be the very least connected with reality, nonetheless number of people looking for aid of astrologers pertaining to these predictions are raising. The majority of the moment despite continuous discussion on credential of these predictions, they end up extremely close to or true to fact. Well, specific astrological predictions […]

I AM TEDDY PARKER – Christians & Mental Health

Recently on a Sunday morning, a wonderful, young pastor left his pulpit after preaching in the first worship service, sat in his car before his second service, and killed himself. This man with a loving wife, two young children, and a church that was in a building campaign, ended his life. PASTOR TEDDY PARKER JR. […]

A Discussion of Spirit Communication and Exercises for the Novice

I do not consider myself to be a skilled medium. My knowledge of spirit communication is purely experimental at this point. The information I receive for my books and articles usually come to me through a different process. I receive my metaphysical theories as inspiration from an outside source I have identified as the spirit […]

What Is The Problem With Vicarious Atonement?

I believe that an individual should think independently and without undue influence. It’s necessary to question the doctrines of your religious and political affiliations to define what is true for you. The primary difference I see between the ideologies of Spiritualism and Christianity is the one that deals with the vicarious atonement. The Christian religion […]

Is There One God of All Creation? Or Do Other Creative Beings Inhabit the Infinite Multiverse?

In this enlightened age, people who concern themselves with the study of the universal laws and other mystical subjects know that humans are the creators of all that exists. We are the creators of the reality that we experience. This makes us a collective god-like being. Rather than embracing our divine nature, we mistakenly surrender […]

The Dawn of the Age of Consciousness as Communicated by A.E. Waite

In a number of articles, I have written about the existence of past life personalities, and how they sometimes assist us in accomplishing our missions in this life. I am not the first person to advocate the theory of past lives helping their present incarnation in certain circumstances. I do not know the who, what, […]