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Thoughts on Graduation from the Earth Plane

Humans are at the separation time that has been spoken of erroneously for two thousand years, misinterpreted from Jesus’ words that He would gather His own to Him; that two would be standing side by side in the field and one would be smote down and the other lifted up. This is the time of […]

Taking Communion In Church

There are many different meanings for the word communion Kamagra Soft and it changes depending on which tradition you are talking about. It is not specific to the Christian faith, but is usually associated with it. This word could mean the relationship between individuals and the church, a doctrine of Christianity in the Apostles’ Creed, […]

The Origins Of Christian Jewelry And Symbols

Christian jewelry has been around for almost as long as Christianity. Although today it has become fashionable, jewelry is still worn by devout Christians to show their faith in Jesus Christ. The most iconic piece is a cross. However, the cross was not the first symbol of Christianity. It was a fish. In the Bible, […]

Spiritual Journaling: Keeping a Journal to Tell Your Spiritual Story

“Spiritual journaling” may sound like an activity for pastors, theologians and religious leaders equipped for a daunting spiritual task. Many people believe that they don’t have a worthy spiritual story to share or a worthy way of sharing it. In reality God is alive and mightily at work in every life. You have a God […]

Ways to Share Your Story and Heal: Spiritual Autobiography

We all have a story. Each of us has a life full of joys, sorrows, ups, downs, elations and despairs. The person to the right and left of us has their own unique journey and a unique gifting for giving it a voice. Whether we are a passionate storyteller, musician, artist, writer or just a […]