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Do You Believe In Guardian Angels?

Since we were kids, we get to believe Viagra Jelly that God sent over His angels to protect us from harm, and as such, we call them our guardian angels. When we grew older, we have to realize that albeit these guardians could be true but have grown skeptics about their presence in our lives […]

How to Communicate with Your Higher Self for Wisdom and Guidance?

Are we just a body with a personality? From my understanding, we are much more than that. Each one of us has a higher aspect. This higher aspect has been typically called the Higher Self. If I am not wrong, others have also referred to it as the oversoul or overself. Who and what is […]

Connection to the Unseen World: How to Develop Your Clairvoyant Abilities

The direct translation of the word clairvoyance is clear sight.It is defined as the ability to perceive or even see with the mind’s eye something that is going on in a remote location without any previous knowledge of the event. Most paranormal professionals and enthusiasts believe that psychic ability resides (albeit unlocked) within every human […]