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How Important is Color in Web Design?

Be it a professional website design company or an individual designing a website, choosing the right color scheme for your web page is extremely essential to attain a high-quality, professional website that is well-received by your viewers. If your website lacks that visual appeal, your viewers are more likely to miss the content on the page or leave the site and find a better alternative.

What is color theory?

Designing a website begins with understanding the theory behind schemes. It includes studying the color wheel, which comprises of three color groupings – primary, secondary and tertiary colors. This theory arranges the colors using the wheel. Primary colors, including red, yellow and blue, cannot be formed by mixing other combinations. However, the primary colors themselves can be combined to form secondary ones. Tertiary colors are formed by mixing secondary ones.

Color theory explains how these can be combined for ideal use and allure. It usually varies depending on the format and content of the website. It is important that you choose sober and harmonious color combinations for your website. An easy method to select color combinations is by mixing comparable colors to check if they work good together. These can be combined from same or different color palette, but make sure that they are neither too dark nor too bright.

How important is color choice?

Color expresses messages, creates ideas and generates emotions and sparks interest. A few colors have universal significance, for example, red color indicates warning and green means go. But, a large number of people associate combination of red and green color with Christmas. While bright colors set a positive and happy mood, dark colors depict the opposite. Warm colors represent excitement, creativity, and optimism, whereas cool colors define calmness, peace and harmony.

Right selection of these for your website does not mean choosing only the ones you like. In fact, the colors you select should strengthen the website as well as your business’s branding. These that look amazing individually might not work well when combined with other colors. By seeing how these work when combined and by understanding what colors symbolize, you can come up with a right color combination for your website.

Color is crucial to build a successful website. Well, not only website, color plays important role in mobile application development as well. You need to choose right colors to design an application to make it look appealing. Remember, right color combination can make or break your website and app.

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