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How to Hire a Web Designer

The advances made in IT have opened up opportunities for businesses to increase their scope of operations as well as reach a wider market share. This is mostly achieved through the development of a professional website that promotes individual or business brand to the online market. However, not everyone has web development and design skills. Most people lack the skills and knowledge to create a professional website. For others, the process of learning how to develop a website is time consuming and they would rather hire a professional web designer who can build a fully customized website. There are several factors that one should consider when hiring a designer. Despite the fact that there is no conventional way regarding how to hire a web designer, it is important for one to identify a professional developers among thousands of professionals in the same field of profession.

What do you want?

Before hiring a web designer, it is important to ask yourself the intended purpose of the website and what you aim to achieve from the whole process. People with the ability of spotting good web developers are themselves people with some form of IT knowledge. However, lack of any development knowledge can make it very challenging to choose a good web designer.

Where to Look

Referrals are considered as one of the best way of choosing a good web designer. This is because from referrals, one can tell whether that has a positive or a negative history. Such referrals can be from friends or people who at one time utilized the services of a professional web designer. Referrals however are not entirely accurate. Even when referred by someone, it is important to conduct some background check regarding a professional developers in order to ensure that the information provided is accurate and verifiable.

Despite the fact that there is always an obvious advantage of working with a designer in person, it is also important not to rule out those who are out of town. This is because, it is possible to conduct the web design process remotely without necessarily being there in person. Some of the obvious things to look for are;

  • How easy it is to find information about the web designer.
  • Is there a contact page where the designer can be contacted?
  • Is there enough relevant information about the web designer and how well articulated is the information.
  • Where is the web designer located?
  • Does the web designer has an open portfolio where one can evaluate his/her skills and expertise in design?
  • Does the information available about the designer talk about the technical expertise of the professional.

Freelance Designer vs Design Firm

A common dilemma regarding how to hire a web designer is the tough choice between a freelance web developer and a design firm. Web design firms have huge portfolios and appear very credible. It is this credibility and many positive testimonials that give potential clients the confidence of enlisting web design services from them. On the other hand, freelance offer more personalized services and can integrate all the client’s input into the design process accurately.

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