Divorce; When the Term Fault is Involved

Always try to avoid a fault divorce if at all possible. It will be extremely stressful and undoubtedly expensive. You will find that a lot of the joint monies get used up during the proceedings. It can also result in one or both parties getting left with very little money and on a personal level […]

Divorce – Financial Support For Your Children

Getting divorced is a testing and trying time for anyone involved, not least your children. It’s therefore important to attempt to keep it as stress free for them as you can. However important love and care is to your children’s wellbeing, the fact is that the person who is granted custody of the children has […]

Divorce – Don’t Forget the Children

Divorce can have a devastating effect on children’s lives, if not handled in the correct manner. It’s not so bad if a divorce is amicable; in most instances agreement will be reached between the parties as to who will look after the children and what visiting rights are given for the other party. In these […]

Divorce When in the Military

For any party involved in divorce it is a difficult and stressful time. However, for military personnel it can be more difficult because of where they are stationed, which could be anywhere in the U.S. or even overseas. It is as a result of the difficulties that divorce by deposition has become a popular option […]

Should You Have Your Wisdom Teeth Pulled

Many have heard stories of those who had their wisdom teeth pulled and the horrors that resulted. The retelling of the amount of pain and the incredible means by which other had these tough molars removed are stories of legend and have resulted in many people suffering needlessly. What typically takes place for most people […]

The Importance of Dental Care For Children

As soon as babies cut their first tooth, parents should be diligent in caring for it and those to follow. The importance of dental care for children is second to none so that they are able to have beautiful smiles throughout their lifetimes. That will mean being patient and doing some of the brushing and […]

Uncontested Divorce – Who Appoints the Lawyer?

In most divorce cases each party has their own law firm to represent them. It means all things are equal and each lawyer will try to get the best result for their particular client. It also often means that a divorce can take considerable time to get settled and the fees for both parties will […]

Understanding the Uncontested Divorce Process

Divorces can become very messy and unpleasant. Even couple that initially part amicably can, by the time the two lawyers have got involved, get embroiled in major disagreements. Time is often one of the major factors that affect how amicable a divorce ultimately ends up. A lot of it comes down to the mental processes […]

Ways To Divorce Amicably

Most people don’t enjoy conflict and will go out of their way to avoid it if they can. Divorce can easily end up more as a battle than a conflict; it’s a very emotional time for both parties and even the smallest disagreements can end up as a major argument. While it is much easier […]

What is an Uncontested Divorce and How Do I Get One

When you reach the decision that you and your partner are no longer able to live with each, it seems a long way down the road from that wonderful moment you got wedded. No doubt it was something that you both thought would never happen and yet here you are about to end the relationship […]