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Website Vs. Apps – Which is Better?

The term web apps have been doing round the internet since many years. And we all have used and heard it many times than we care to remember. But a debate begins whenever the word “website” is uttered along with “apps”.

Most of the Websites are so useful to us and has become our daily culture that now it is impossible to think life without them. Health websites, shopping websites, social websites, entertainment websites, banking and financial websites, government services websites and other useful websites are the essentiality of daily life.

In the last two to three decades, this new media, internet, has grown, developed and has become impossible to ignore. A workplace or home without an internet connection is just impossible to think of.

The world of web in the last few years have brought another term along with it and that is the Apps. This is the term which is exciting yet confusing for many of the users. But how does one differentiate between these two?

What’s the difference?

A Website consists of browser based HTML pages which are only rendered through different browsers. They display text content, video, images and other data.

In the pre era of internet, web applications were applied to Websites which provided advanced user capabilities and interactions formerly available through installable software only such as Google Docs, Webmail, Google Maps, etc.

The Apps now are downloaded through mobiles and are installed in them, rather than being rendered within a browser.

Which one is better?

When the question comes on making a decision regarding the creation of a Website or Apps for a business, the decision becomes though as to choose which one is better. This is the reason that most of the businesses select to develop both. But clearly the most appropriate selection actually depends on the end goals of the businesses.

If one is developing an interactive game, the best choice will be to develop interactive Apps. But if one’s goal is to provide user-friendly content to a large target audience, then the choice should be of developing a Website. And in some cases, one needs to develop both.

In general, a Website should be regarded as the primary stage in establishing a web presence of a business. An App is helpful for a business for an incredibly specific reason which cannot be successfully accomplished by means of a web browser.

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