Baby Names Meanings Revealed

Baby names meanings. Let me share with you here why it is so important that you know the true meaning of a name before you decide on the best name for your little one.

Your baby’s name is much more than just a series of letters by which they will be known throughout their life. A name is a vibration, like everything else in our world. The sound of a name has an effect and so does the number that the name totals – more about this shortly.

Did you know that the name you choose for your baby will affect him or her on a far deeper level than many people realize? And did you know that there is a way to discover the in depth meaning of any baby name, which goes back many, many years?

I believe that on some subconscious level we know that names are extremely important because most parents-to-be go to so much trouble when choosing baby names. Baby name meanings however are not simply the ones you find in baby name books. I\’ll explain what I mean later in this article…

We associate certain names with good feelings (for instance a film star’s name who you like) and others with negative feelings (perhaps the name of someone associated with atrocities of some kind). We can have an actual physical reaction to a name can’t we? For example hearing the name of our first love, or of someone who bullied us, or we can simply react to a name that has a harsh sound to it, or a pleasant vibration. If we hate our own name what kind of a negative impact does that have on us throughout our life?

The ancient Egyptians realized the impact a name has and they would consult numerologists and astrologers before naming the Royal children.
The power and effect of a name is recognized today in the world of entertainment, where many famous people are known by a name that they changed to from their original birth name. Elton John, Judy Garland and Michael Caine are just a few examples of celebrities who changed their name.

How can you, a parent-to-be, know whether the baby name you are considering is going to be positive for your child? Certainly not from the baby name books which just give simple one or two word ‘baby names meanings’ for each baby name. These reveal nothing of the personality traits of a name, or of the talents and path in life suited to a person with that name. They are however very useful for helping you get ideas for baby names.

The ancient system of Name Numerology reveals the in depth meaning of any name. Importantly this system looks at the full names meanings – in other words, the meaning of the first name, any middle name and the last name, as it is not just the first name that affects us.

Every letter of the alphabet has a numerical value, so every name therefore has a numerical value. A numerologist knows how to interpret these numbers revealing, among other things, the personality traits, path in life, good points and challenging points of any name.

To understand this more fully you can read a free sample baby names meanings numerology report (see the link below) which looks at 5 different baby names together with a surname. These are the names:
Jessica May Samuels, Jessica Samuels, Claire Samuels, Georgia Samuels, Destiny Samuels

I hope I have shown you here why choosing the right name for your baby is so important, and how the \’baby names meanings numerology reports\’ show you exactly what the baby names you are considering really mean.

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