The Fun I Have With Computers

The fun I have with computers goes all the way back to 1981. As a plebe at West Point, we had to take a required computer course that taught us basic programming. It was Fortran based. For me, it was hard. The IF THEN concept did not do much for me. I was definitely interested […]

The Big Benefits of Waterproof Smartphone Cases

Today\’s cell phones, smartphones and other mobile devices are more powerful and durable than ever before, but most are still no match for a little bit of water. An accidental drop in the bathtub or trip in the swimming pool has meant the end for countless electronics. Since water is a major enemy when it […]

Computer Rental Vs. Computer Leasing

You might want a computer for your business purposes or maybe you would want one at home or at your organization. Purchasing new computers is quite expensive and you may not be able to afford it. You have two more affordable options. You could either rent a computer from any New York computer rental company […]

Laptop Renting Vs. Laptop Leasing

When the need for a laptop arises you may consider buying one. But when you look at the benefits of renting one instead of buying one, you are likely to be tempted to rent a laptop instead. When you can get cheaper, affordable laptops at laptop rental Seattle companies, why purchase expensive ones. There is […]

Considerations to Make Before Renting a Laptop

Not everyone is a technical minded person. If you don’t consider yourself to be one then the prospect of investing in new technology could be quite scary. Many questions might run through your head. You many wonder which laptop model best suit your requirements. You may also be apprehensive about the security of the information […]

Server Rental

To rent a server these days is not a complex move. You could choose the type of server you need online. Or you could approach any server rental Seattle company and give in your requirements. The representatives of the company will help you locate the server that best suits your needs. However, it is always […]

Need of Computer Rentals For Corporate Companies

In any corporate firm, there would be many instances where you would want a special computer or a audio visual equipment for a short period of time. You might need computers for trade shows, investor seminars, corporate meetings, training sessions, road shows and some special projects. You can get computers in computer rental New York […]

Success and Happiness on “The Road Not Taken”

Set your goals high as journey down the road to success. Raise the bar when you reach a goal and raise it even higher when you reach the next. Never give up! Remember it is your right to be wrong, because if you do you will lose the ability to learn new things and move […]

How Hotels Use Audio Visual Equipment

Hotels make use of audio visual equipment during every step of a guests stay. Whether they are there for business or leisure, AV equipment can greatly enhance a guests stay, as well as offer vital support to hotel staff. Most, if not all, modern hotels use computer terminals for checking guests in and out. Using […]

Choosing a Digital Projector For a Home Cinema

The abundance of digital projectors available in the market today can put any buyer into confusion as to which one should they be buying and which ones should be given a pass. However, if the buyer does not make his purchases randomly and follows a few guidelines, then it can definitely help the buyer choose […]