5 Tips For Better Las Vegas Grand Canyon Bus Tours

Summer is a great time to take a bus tour from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. Just know that there are a lot of options from which to choose. To help you navigate this, here are 5 tips that I know will help you get the coach trip that best meets your needs. The […]

Update: Grand Canyon Tours and the U.S. Government Shutdown

The U.S. Government is still shut down so all of our National Parks are closed. If you have a trip planned to visit the Grand Canyon, you may be wondering what to do. Well, you are in luck if you want to take a tour, especially an air tour. The way it stands, the only […]

Start Your Vacation Today With Last Minute Cruises and More

With the increasing popularity of cruises, there has never been a better time for deals, specials, and last-minute getaways. Cruises are more than just a luxury hotel on water; they are the vessels of memories, relaxation, and time spent enjoying life to the fullest. By learning how to find the best cruise deals for you […]

Packing Light For Your Next Trip

With the current baggage fees that many airlines charge, it’s no surprise that travelers of all stripes are constantly looking to minimize the number and reduce the weight of the bags they bring aboard. It’s not always easy to pack all of your necessary items into a single carry-on bag, but it can be done […]

Cost Saving Alternatives to Hotels

There are many money saving strategies to help you stay within your budget when traveling, and sleeping someplace other than a hotel may be the ideal cost saving alternative. Most standard hotel rooms do not include a kitchen, which means you have to buy all of your meals at a restaurant – and this drastically […]

The Very Best Grand Canyon Tours and Activities

If you are taking a trip to the Grand Canyon, you should think about taking one of the fun package tours they offer there. You could view the immense wonder by airplane, helicopter, bus, or even while floating down the river on a raft. All of them are fun experiences and include all you need […]

Types of Grand Canyon Tours

The Grand Canyon is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the U.S. People from all over the globe come to Arizona to witness the canyon\’s spectacular scenery, and most of them take guide trips, either in the air (by plane or helicopter) or on the ground (by motor coach, Jeep, hiking or horse/mule). […]

4 Reasons Why Nosara Vacations Are The Best

A quiet beach town hidden away on Costa Rica’s coast known for its beautiful vegetation is a wonderful vacation spot. If you want to unwind and have a relaxing few days at the beach, Nosara is the ultimate destination for you. It will attract you with its abundant tropical plants, exotic monkeys and gorgeous vacation […]

Nosara: The Perfect Surfing Destination

Surfers all over the world regard Nosara in Costa Rica to be the best surfing location. The beaches here are not full and crowded as they are at other places. You can still find secluded spots on the beach, which is almost impossible anywhere else these days. Adding to this, the cleanliness of the beach […]

5 Travel Tips For ANosara Vacation

Enjoy your next vacation in the peaceful beach town of Nosara. It is located along the pacific coast of Costa Rica and is well known for its beautiful plant life, high waves and crystal water. For those who are going for the first time, you must be prepared for the weather there. If you are […]