Why Are we Creating a Non-Working Poor Class Instead of Traineeship Level Wages to Save Industries?

Why are we creating a non-working poor class when we desperately need to lower wage costs in Australia and create more jobs in order to save industries such as manufacturing? Let’s consider genuine solutions to save our manufacturing industries and boost our rural and mining sectors. It is time to address the big elephant in […]

Time to Man Up to the Internet Marketing Deal

You are now entering a world which you have never entered before. You are considering becoming self employed by leveraging the power of the internet. As a result the failure of your enterprise is not down to your boss, or your noisy kids, It is ‘if it’s going to be its down to me’ time. […]

3D and ‘Simulation Driven Product Development’ Software Can Work Hand in Hand With Physical Rapid Prototypes

Traditionally for companies, the speed in which you can take a product to market has been the issue focused on the most. As a result, companies have relied heavily on fast, efficient product development coupled with a quick and flexible manufacturing process. Recently though, companies are beginning to look at the speed in which they […]

A Five-step Survival Guide to Exporting in 2012

We set up a dedicated export division 18 months ago to meet the growing demand of orders placed by major global blue chip customers. Although the first few months were a slow burn, there has been a significant upturn in orders from the US, Asia and across Europe, particularly in the medical and security sectors. […]

Manufacturing’s Coming Home – ‘Re-shoring’ to the UK

More British companies are bringing production home to the UK. The slowing of China’s economy, labour costs rising by 20 per cent a year, and lead times extending to 120 days are all factors contributing to this. This means the benefits of manufacturing in the UK now outweigh those of manufacturing in ‘cheap China’ – […]

Canadian Key Interest Rates Remain Unchanged – But What Does That Mean to Consumers?

All eyes were on Canada’s central bank today as both media outlets, real estate investors and ordinary home owners waited to hear what would happen to the benchmark interest rate. The result was a hold at the current rate of 1%. This marks the same interest rate level since September of 2010 and while it […]

Travel All Over the World With Economy Flight Coupons

Have you ever wondered how some people make plans to travel every chance they get? How can they afford to travel so much? After all, flight tickets themselves are expensive and then there are all the additional expenses that go hand in hand with traveling. Ask any veteran globe trotter how they do it and […]

Employees: What to Do About Their Educational Deficiencies

The good news is that the nation’s young people tend to be fairly well-adjusted, at ease with themselves, and suffering if anything from too much self-esteem.

How Debt Relief Services Can Help You

Many people begin accumulating debt in their late teen years with student loans for college as well as building account balances on credit cards. Credit card balances may continue to grow over time as people apply for more credit cards and credit limits are increased. These debts combine with other debts like car loans and […]

How To Get Out Of Credit Card Debt The Right Way

According to a 2011 survey, the average North American has seven credit cards and carries over $8,000 in balances on those cards. The balance amount is down from $10,000 in 2008, before the recession. No matter how much credit card debt you have, it can feel monumental when you\’re struggling to make your payments on […]