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How Human DNA Sequencing Made Racism Irrelevant

According to The Free Dictionary, race defined is “a group of people identified as distinct from other groups because of supposed physical or genetic traits shared by the group”. In other words, a race of people may be considered unique from other races due to genetic influences influencing various physical and possibly psychological traits common […]

Race and Intelligence

Over time, Dr. James Watson, the esteemed Nobel Prize winner, established himself as a magnificent scientist. In fact, Watson was held in such high regard as Dr. Francis Crick, his Nobel Prize winning associate. Watson was a philosophical-yet-practical intellectual who applied liberal, deducible and introductory logic., who left no room for error in his experiments, […]

Eugenics: Dark Past of Selective Breeding

Sir Francis Galton, Victorian psychologist and scientist, was by all accounts a genius. He was responsible for inventions such as the weather map and classifying fingerprints for use in forensic science. He also began studying short term climate change in his native England. As a half cousin to Charles Darwin, he became fascinated with The […]

Rewriting the Race Categories

Race is a word that comes with cultural, phenotypic and genotypic connotations. This mix of attributes usually leads to controversy and confusion. Sometimes at the degree that some people claim that the concept of race is meaningless, and therefore should be eradicated from language. But, if this word is so meaningless, why is it still […]

The Homecoming of the Y-DNA Haplogroup R1b

‘Long long ago’. It’s a pretty relative term which differs for every individual. Like long long ago for some may be the last time they went out for a date or for others, the time when Dallas Cowboys last won a trophy. But in our story, long long ago’s 7000 thousand years ago. An African […]

From Genghis Khan’s Ancestors to Roman Soldiers in China

From Genghis Khan’s ancestors to Roman Soldiers in China, here are some surprising Genetic facts. One wonders from time to time as to where did he come from, how did it all begin. Most of the time this thought occurs when one finds himself passed out drunk near a gutter on Main Street and tries […]

DNA Testing For Adoptees

While using genealogy tracking websites like is a good place to start for those seeking to trace their roots, adoptees face a unique set of challenges. Individual laws governing the release of adoption information vary state to state, and it can be a complicated process to find detailed information on an adoptee’s biological parents. […]

Population Bottleneck and How Humans Managed to Squeeze Through It

Whenever we hear about a bottleneck we imagine our nearest freeway where we pay a $10 toll in order to get stuck in 2 hours worth of traffic. Sometimes we get more than what we paid for and manage to get stuck in a jam for 3 hours. Bottleneck though isn’t just limited to traffic […]

The 4 V’s of Big Data

In today’s world, Big Data refers to both structured and unstructured volume of data that inundates a business on a daily basis. Over the last decade, companies have built data warehouses and business intelligence systems to secure the data. Many global manufacturers produce huge quantities of data that needs to be analysed for business requirements. […]

Why Homeschoolers Become Like Their Parents

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. – Charles Caleb Colton My husband and I recently visited some close family friends, Peter and Lauren, and their boy, James. When we entered their backyard, we saw Peter’s carpentry workstation. The bench had saws, hammers and large mechanical tools with which to cut wood. ‘Does your boy […]