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A Look at the History of Data Storage

For the duration of this piece we will be carefully taking a deeper look at the rich history of data storage. We are going to cover all of the popular forms of storage that have been available to people, throughout the history of the computer. Some younger people might not be very familiar with the […]

Africa – Cradle Of Humanity

Africa is, in every sense, one of the most intriguing and impressive continents. The fascination is multi-faceted as this is a land of diversity in every sense. When considering the historical, cultural and social origins of the continent and its people, one is presented with a mosaic of theories, evidence and unavoidable truths. One theory […]

Choosing A Mentorship Program Part I: How To Ensure Your New Mentor Will Meet Your Needs

Having a mentor can be the key to overcoming many hurdles on the road to success – as long as the mentor is right for you and continues to deliver on the promises that were made at sign-up. But how would you know in advance? Sign up and keep your fingers crossed? That can be […]

The Right Mentoring Program: How To Choose A Mentor Who Is The Perfect Fit For You?

A mentor can mean the difference between muddling along and achieving soaring success. That’s if you find the right mentor. In fact, it seems that most successful people have had mentors or still have them, and many of them have several. So there is no question that having a mentor can be extremely valuable. But […]

Beginner Tips For Starting a Beekeeping Hive

Some might find it quite surprising that an insect so small can play a role so large for the entire planet’s ecosystem. Those with an interest in beginning a beekeeping hive will learn that the role of the humble honey bees is quite extraordinary as they contribute in large to the pollination of several flowering […]

Tips on Honey Bees Beekeeping

If you have never engaged in honey bees beekeeping, it is wise to read on the subject as much as you can. You can check out a wide range of books available on the topics so as to familiarize yourself with the subject. One of the best ways of going about it is to find […]

Critical Methods to Lose Pregnancy Weight

With a pregnancy comes a number of mixed emotions. Among these emotions is the feeling of frustration, at seeing that all the pounds gained during pregnancy are not shed right after delivery. The reality is that the average woman will gain about 25-35 pounds during their pregnancy. About 15 of these pounds will be shed […]

American Football… Or Should That Be Soccer?

In the rest of the world it is the game commonly known as Football, and to be fair, the rest of the World laughs at how those from the states refer to it as “Soccer”. It has also been known for other World nations to take delight in the fact that the USA are traditionally […]

3 Power Tips For Selecting a Slate Roofing Contractor

Selecting a roofing contractor for any type of material or roof construction is important because the roof protects the integrity of the entire home. Choose a good contractor and you are going to enjoy the benefits of a great looking roof, installed without complications and fuss, as well as be able to rest assured you […]

The Answer to Cancer – 5 Must Have Foods That Can Stop Cancer in It’s Tracks.

Dr. Oz says, “Every one of us has cancer growing in us right now.” It’s called, cancer without disease, and we have the power to prevent it from becoming deadly. Did you know that a microscopic tumor can grow up to 16,000 times its original size in as little as 2 weeks? Cancer cells are […]