The Best Cycling Spots in London

You love London. You love the energy, the lights, the sounds, and the smells of the city of London – there is nothing like it. London is a magical place that is just yearning to be explored by those that love it. Sure, walking and driving is a great way to experience what the city […]

PGA Golf Lessons – Finding a Qualified Golf Instructor

You are either here because you are looking to learn how to play golf or you need some PGA golf lessons to help you cure that wicked slice, duck hook, shank, top…well you get the picture. Many players think that all golf instructors are created equal. That is not exactly true. Like other professions, there […]

Benefits of a Ladies Golf Academy

Since online golf instruction has become popular, ladies golf academies have emerged as a great way for women to learn the game in a friendly safe environment. A ladies golf academy hosts ladies only events such as online golf webinars or online golf clinics. These two names are interchangeable. No matter your skill level, it […]

Ladies Putting Lessons – How to Take Your Grip and Stance

Many women enjoy putting and are open to taking a ladies putting lesson. Many ladies find it fun because they do not have to go to the driving range and try to belt the ball as far as they can on every swing. As a matter of fact, you can have fun doing putting drills […]

A Brief Education on Golf Tournament Shirts

Golf tournaemnt shirts come in many different styles, price points and comfort levels. Here is a short list of what is availble to you: Moisture Wicking Golf Shirt – Moisture wicking sounds fancy and it is. With technology, the manufactures can actually produce a shirt that removes perspiration from your skin, which makes it great […]

Benefits of Smart Phone Golf Lessons

Everyone is using technology in ways they simply were not even just a few short years ago. An example of this would be the ability to take smart phone golf lessons. In the past, the only way to take golf lessons were to either try to book a private golf lesson with a busy golf […]

How to Benefit From Ladies Golf Lessons

No matter whether you are a beginner or have been playing the game for years, there is a variety of ladies golf lessons that will help you understand the game, get to meet and socialize with others and have more fun while you play! Here is a short list of various formats that you may […]

How to Make Goals For Your Golf Practice

Having a purpose to your golf practice session is a very often overlooked point of why you are spending time on the driving range or practice putting green. If you go into your practice time with no outlined goals, congratulations as you will accomplish just that…nothing. You should realize that you need a purpose for […]

What You Can Learn From an Online Golf School

An online golf school is a new way to learn how to play golf or simply improve your game. There are many benefits to learning the game through this type of mobile golf lessons. Obviously, being mobile, you can take them with you everywhere you go with an internet connection. If you travel at all, […]

Golf Clinics – What to Do After the Beginner Golf Clinic is Over

Many players will attend a golf clinic when they are first learning how to play the game. Once it is over, they think that they have checked that box and there is no need to return. This is simply not true. The golf profession has become hung up on creating new golfers and, honestly, we […]