Arbitration – A Challenging Issue

Legal Rule By force of law an Arbitrator(s) has to suspend the arbitration proceedings with immediate effect if a party to an arbitration process challenges the arbitrator while or during the arbitration processes are going on, until a resolution has been made on the challenge which was has been raised by such party by an […]

Wills in the News, Developments in UK Wills Law During 2013

Making a Will is a vital step in making sure your family are well protected after you are gone but unfortunately, it\’s not a task that once completed can be totally forgotten about. Changes in your circumstances, or changes in the law, can mean that you need to revisit the provisions you have made and […]

Introduction to White Collar Crime: Definition and Types

White collar crime (WCC) is often mistaken as criminal wrongdoing on the part of high-profile executives and wealthy individuals. In fact, it refers to any nonviolent crime that is performed for financial gain. That can involve anyone, whether the individual committing the act is wealthy or poor, an executive or unemployed. It\’s important to realize […]

Top Dos and Donots of a Divorce

Anyone who has ever been through a divorce will tell you that there are things they regret. Even if you are happier after your divorce than you ever were when you were married, there are bound to be things you wish you could take back or do over. It is natural when two people are […]

Basics of Pursuing Your Lawsuit in Small Claims Court

The U.S. court system is divided into numerous districts on the federal and state levels. These courts have the authority to hear certain types of cases brought within specific jurisdictions. Many cases involve smaller amounts with simple fact patterns, and judicial systems have institutions to hear these types of cases. They are commonly and collectively […]

Common Marriage Problems That Lead to Divorce

There are many signs that can indicate that your relationship is suffering and is experiencing a steady decline. No two relationships are the same but there are some common warning signs that you may be in an unhealthy relationship. When you begin to feel unhappy it may take you a while to figure out that […]

Top 3 Most Important Ways to Avoid a Divorce

If you ask most couples who have been married for a long time and are still in love what the secret to their success is, an overwhelming number of them will give you a short three word answer, communication, respect, and trust. These three things are what makes up the foundation of any relationship but […]

Top Things You Should Know About Child Custody if You Are Getting Divorced

There is no doubt that children complicate the already stressful process of divorce. When a couple has spent enough time married to have introduced children into a relationship, it makes it harder to separate and go their own ways. In an ideal situation, both parents can agree upon what type of living situation will work […]

ASIC Chief is Doing a Good Job by Jamie McIntyre

I think Greg Medcraft, who’s been head of Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) for the last year, has done a good job compared to his predecessors. Regulators should work cooperatively with the industry to better regulate industries they oversee. A collaborative approach always works better, and gains the respect of the relevant industries. Especially […]

The Ease Of An Uncontested Divorce

Often divorce proceedings start amicably between the parties and everything appears to have been agreed regarding any settlements. However, if one party goes to a law firm with first discussing the matter, things can begin to go wrong. The problem is that when the other party gets a copy of a letter from the law […]