Top Dos and Donots of a Divorce

Anyone who has ever been through a divorce will tell you that there are things they regret. Even if you are happier after your divorce than you ever were when you were married, there are bound to be things you wish you could take back or do over. It is natural when two people are splitting up for things to be said and done that each party regrets.

When you are getting divorced, it is important that you do everything you can to keep your emotions in check so that you do not make the process more difficult on yourself than it has to be. This is especially essential if there are children involved. These are some common mistakes and ways to avoid them that people often make when they are getting divorced.

Lack of communication is often a major factor in the breakdown of a marriage. If you never communicated during your relationship, do not make the mistake of assuming that you know what your husband or wife is thinking during the divorce proceedings. Many people begin to create their own version of events and assume that the other person will not cooperate and this can cause bitter feelings on both sides. The more calmly and openly you can approach negotiations with your spouse, the less money you will be forced to spend on trial lawyers and mediators. When one spouse begins to think that they know what the other one wants out of the divorce proceedings it can cause tension and many miscommunications.

Emotions often play a major role in divorce proceedings. No matter why a marriage is ending there are bound to be hurt feelings, anger, resentment and a plethora of other negative emotions. This can make it very challenging to make decisions using rational thought. However, nothing is more important than keeping your cool and having a clear head while you are processing all of the information and major decisions that need to be made during the divorce process. Fighting and bickering will only extend the amount of time it takes to finalize the divorce and in the end all of your emotions will only have caused more problems for you. It is natural to have intense feelings during this time but try to put them aside anytime you have to make a major decision or meet face to face with your spouse for a negotiation.

Once you have decided to get divorced and begun the process there is no reason to play the blame game. At that point it really does not matter why you are splitting up, just that you are. You can either waste thousands of dollars on lawyer fees hashing out every little thing your spouse did wrong, or you can put all of that aside and make decisions about how you are going to divide up your assets and debt. By avoiding constantly getting into arguments about who is to blame and who should have put the toilet seat up or down over the years, you will have a significantly shorter process.

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