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The Grand Canyon Airplane Aerial Tour is Your Cheapest Option

I get lots of inquires about the cheapest price when it comes to taking a Grand Canyon airplane tour. The simple answer is the aerial flight. But as the conversation continues, it gets a bit more complicated than that. There are two places from which you can take an air-only flight: Las Vegas, NV, and […]

Breast Implants – What Advances Have Been Made Since You Last Had Breast Implant Surgery?

Breast implants are used to surgically address breast size and volume on women with underdeveloped or naturally small breasts; on women who have experienced breast changes following weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy, or aging; and on women who elect to undergo breast reconstruction following mastectomy. Breast augmentations were performed as early as the late 1800s […]

5 Rarely Thought-Of Reasons to Feel Grateful (No Matter How Crazy Your Life Might Be Right Now)

I recently read a profound definition of gratitude that really resonated with something deep within me: “Gratitude is an unconditional love for life.” Doesn’t that just ring with truth? Think about someone who you love unconditionally-a parent, a spouse, a child, or a friend. When you call up an image of this person in your […]

Weapons in the Battle Against Male Love Handles: When to Use Liposuction and When to Consider Abdominoplasty

Liposuction (or lipo) for men has become increasingly popular as men seek ways to address love handles and other fat bulges on the waistline that are resistant to diet and exercise. Love handles are rolls of fat that can form on the flanks, abdomen, and lower back, and while liposuction may be a viable fat […]

Penis Protection 101 – Why All Men Need Their Vitamin C

There is nothing quite like starting the day off with a big glass of orange juice. Full of potassium, thiamin, folate and vitamin C, OJ is known for its health benefits and is a go-to drink for many people at the first sign of the sniffles. What most people do not know; however, is that […]

3 Happy Secrets No One Tells You About Growing Older

From time to time women in their 30s and 40s tell me they are terrified about growing older. It seems that since our teenaged years, we have all been heaped with tales about the horrors of aging…especially about menopause. It’s as if we are all headed toward an inescapable black hole. Well, I am here […]

Why Do People Smoke?

According to research, almost 80% of the world\’s population smokes. Efforts are being made to control the ever growing number of smokers like putting on more taxes on tobacco product sales and the introduction of the electronic cigarette. However, smoking is indeed a bad habit to break since these people still buy cigarettes online and […]

Grand Canyon Helicopter Aerial Tours Are the Cheapest Option

Travelers ask me all the time, \”What\’s the best deal you can offer me on a Grand Canyon helicopter tour?\” To which I respond, \”An aerial tour.\” But that only scratches the surface, so here\’s more of what you need to know when getting the best price possible. To be specific, aerial tours are trips […]

Here’s the Publicity Secret You’ve Been Waiting For

Recently I told you about the incredible success Dr. Brad LaGarce had when he followed my system for writing and sending out a press release. I mentioned that his story was picked up by a syndicate service and sent to 800 media outlets around the world. CH Landon emailed me a great question about that […]

Here’s a Brilliant Publicity Strategy!

In one of my articles I told you about the restaurant owner who came up the brilliant idea of naming the tables in his establishment after various celebrities then letting the celebrities – and the media – know about the “honor”. His payoff for that brilliant idea was huge. Shortly after that, I asked my […]