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Why Digital Marketing is Crucial For a Business’s Success

The time has come where pretty much everything has shifted course from analogue to digital. Every single day, people are seen consuming more and more digital data on their laptops, their mobile phones, desktop computers, tablets and more. Whether they are at work or at home, they seem to be glued to their device consuming […]

Top Reasons Why Your Brand Isn’t Acquiring As Many Followers on Twitter

Not getting enough Twitter followers? Here’s why that’s probably happening: 1.Your Twitter bio is missing If you don’t have a Twitter, how do people know who or what you’re all about? While you may argue that everybody knows who you are, and what you do, but for the sake of those who don’t, a Twitter […]

5 Go-to Tips to Master Pinterest For Your Small Business – (Infographic)

Don’t be under the impression that online scrapbooking platform Pinterest is only for amateurs and DIYers. If you are a small business owner who is looking to connect with potential client or drive sales, you shouldn’t ignore Pinterest as the valuable marketing tool it is. Here are some Pinterest facts that are going to make […]

How to Use Instagram to WOW Your Audience – (Infographic)

If you are planning to take your business online and explore the possibilities, Instagram is an absolute must. Using Instagram for business doesn’t mean you have to stick up a bank and get loads of cash to pay for tastefully shot images. There are several ways you can use Instagram for business, make yourself visible […]

An Insightful Study Reveals How to Get More Retweets on Twitter

Always wondering what to do to increase retweets on Twitter? While Twitter may limit your verbal diarrhea to 140 characters, there are other ways of shouting your message out to consumers to get them to sit up and take notice. Dan Zarrella, a social-media strategist at HubSpot’s conducted a study based on an examination of […]

The Benefits of Using Twitter and Facebook to Reach New Customers

Before the social media boom happened, it was sufficient merely to have a presence on social media platforms. But now, to set your business apart in its marketing efforts and to successfully convert user to consumers, it is critical not only to have branded media social content, but also have an active and interactive stream […]

Discover the Real Facts About Email Marketing Made Easy

As long as we don\’t quit, we can organize all of our online visitors that sent their discount coupons to a close friend as well as provide them an extra motivation (We understand they like to inform their good friends about us, so why not offer them 25% Off when they generate two or more […]

How a Business Owner Can Market Home Based Business

As a home business owner, you can have the name, motto as well as telephone number of your home based business suggestion painted on the side of your automobile. This is really simple advertising and marketing! If you fidget concerning repainting your car to advertise your home business suggestion, there is also the alternative of […]

Why Stories Are an Essential Component in Marketing and Selling

Have you ever wondered why some people just have that gift for engaging their clients more than others? Why do we hang on every word of the charismatic and the gregarious? Often these people are super confident and have a unique charm that is very difficult to bottle, but fundamental to the substance of what […]

Jewelry Brands – Sales Promotion With Trade Marketing.

One of main tasks of trade marketing is motivation to purchase. There are tools that may be used in trade marketing to promote sales at different levels of the value chain. Encouraging distributors and wholesalers of jewelry brands. – Price discount. Many jewelry brands think that sales discount are the main way of promotion. But […]