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Take Your Family Grand Canyon Water Rafting

If you are looking to plan an exciting and unforgettable adventure, you should look no further than the rugged terrain of Colorado. Guided Grand Canyon water rafting tours are perfect for every member of the family. Kids as young as four can travel along and there is guaranteed to be something fun to do for […]

The Benefits of Taking a Smooth Water Rafting Tour of the Grand Canyon

Travelers who want to get up close to more than 2 million years worth of history can get the best view right in Arizona. Guided day tours of the Grand Canyon take people directly into the basin. Here, they can marvel at geological wonders and learn more about the animal life, plant life and native […]

Examples of Short Term Goals

Hey guys, it\’s Nate. I hope everyone is doing well and is having a phenomenal weekend. Tonight I wanted to talk about something that we probably think on at least once or twice a day: Our short term goals. So when we talk about short term goals, what do we mean exactly? I think it […]

What is Risk? (And Why You Should Take It)

Risk, as defined by Wikipedia is the potential of losing something of value, weighed against the potential to gain something of value. In other words, you are taking a chance at losing something, in order to gain something in the process. So, if we were to go by this definition of risk, or other similar […]

Becoming World Class in Life, And Reaching Your Dreams

Tonight, as well as many other nights, I\’ve been thinking about what it means to be great. We could also call that \’World Class\’. That level that people like Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, Drew Brees, etc perform on. What does it take to get there? I often feel like within all of us, we have […]

Does Your Child Suffer From Anxiety / Ways You Can Help

These days it is so expensive to get the medical treatment we need and if our Children are suffering then we have to find a way no matter what the cost. I want to help you find the treatment you need at a low cost for children with anxiety issues. There really is nothing worse […]

How to Take Action to Achieve Unbelievable Success

Many online marketers have a dream, but they don\’t know how to take action to make their dream a reality, which hinders their success. They may have the dream but never follow through because of fear. They are afraid to go forward, even though they were excited about a new beginning. To achieve success, people […]

Grand Canyon Bus – Now With Helicopter, Boat & Skywalk

If you are interested in taking a Las Vegas bus tour to the Grand Canyon, then I have the trip for you. It combines ground, air and water, and by the time you\’ve done it can truly say you\’ve experienced the Grand Canyon. The Rims Before we review this trip, lets talk logistics. Vegas travelers […]

Gamification: The Key to Re-Engaging High School Dropouts

Gamification: The Key to Re-Engaging High School Dropouts In the United States, the standard or normal work week is 40 hours. Any hours worked beyond forty, are considered overtime. So, what do we call clocking 45 hours a week playing games? GAMIFICATION. There are over 5 million people spending at least 45 hours a week […]

How to Have Plastic Surgery and Still Look Like Yourself: Tips For Avoiding a “Cat Woman” or Michael Jackson Result

You could be seeking plastic surgery for any number of reasons. Before going under the knife, however, you should first discuss your motivations in depth with a trusted and qualified surgeon. The importance of this discussion is paramount, and its purpose is twofold: First, the surgeon will need to determine whether your goals are in […]