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Cheap Checks: Two Myths Your Bank Doesn’t Want Debunked

Over 50 percent of checking account holders (both business and personal) purchase their checks through their financial institutions. They will do so even if going with an outside supplier allows them to purchase cheap checks. Some banks even discourage customers from purchasing cheap checks from a supplier. They usually cite security as the reason. However, […]

Muscle Car History

Cars are a necessary part of our lives today. However, we also drive cars which suit our personal tastes and for pure enjoyment. Your car makes a major statement about your personality. Your vehicles are also a major investment and you want to do everything you can to keep them looking good for a long […]

Business Checks as Advertisements: Using Checks to Promote Your Business

Business owners need to trim expenses wherever possible, including banking expenses. One way to do this is to purchase business checks online. Many owners do not realize that they can be obtained through an online printer. Not only can they be bought cheaper, but they can also be customized to serve as advertisements for a […]

Protect the Porsche Legacy With a Custom Car Cover

Your vehicle is not only a necessity it is also something we enjoy driving. With the high cost of fuel and with the economy being what it is, people are keeping their vehicles for longer periods of time. To maintain the car’s over all appeal a custom car cover is a wise choice. It will […]

2010 Wedge Sandals Set to Make a Fashion Impact

Most commonly toe ring footwear is naturally associated with sandals, however there are also some interesting wedge examples. So far in 2010, numerous new styles have released by a variety of fashion designers, and some of these have caught our attention in more ways than one. The following are some examples that we think may […]

Is Now A Good Time to Buy?

Have home prices hit rock bottom? Probably not in some areas and maybe not as a whole. Nonetheless, now could be the best time to buy a house. Even with the homebuyer’s tax credit due to expire at the end of the month, there are compelling reasons to buy a house in the current economy. […]

Secrets To Getting Cheap Car Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To Know

While you may want to cut back on your expenses, car insurance isn’t one of those things you can really cut out of your life. After all, it is required by law. So, while you can’t get rid of it, you can start looking for ways that you can save some money. Insurance is necessary […]

Ask The Right Questions To Get Cheap Car Insurance

When you need car insurance for a reasonable deal, sometimes the right way of thinking and asking a few good questions can help. While there are some factors that affect the quotes you get, insurance that can’t be controlled, however, there are a number of things that you can control in order to make sure […]

Fashion Non-Investments

Recession-friendly style is the new In thing, and even the high and mighty fashion houses are hopping on the bandwagon. ‘Investment pieces’ and ‘timeless looks’ have become the buzzwords for fashion-conscious men everywhere. There are, however, certain items that look buyable at first but are actually bad style decisions in a well-marketed package. Here are […]

Health Insurance Puzzle

Providing private health insurance for a family can seem like an intimidating task. The cost of health insurance is one of the factors that can keep would-be entrepreneurs and small business owners from taking the plunge. First, there is the search for a healthcare provider. Next, comes all the cost considerations, from monthly premiums to […]