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Typical Canadian Apartment Leasing Conditions You Need To Know

These typical Canadian apartment leasing conditions are important to know and understand, especially for first timers. Whether you are renting your apartment in Vancouver, British Columbia, in Calgary, Alberta or Winnipeg, Manitoba, this guide can help you understand the agreement you are signing. Landlords like stability. They like to know that they can count on […]

Real Estate Agents Fact And Fiction To Sell Your Home

Many agents if in the library would fall more in the Fiction section than in the Non-Fiction one. The Agent, Promoter will tell it more of what you want to hear, rather then like it is. Let’s try to dissect the truth from the fiction. To begin, all agents, like people, are not created equal. […]

House Sale and Purchase – Advantage Of Having Real Estate Agent

The real estate market is not easy to comprehend. Simple buy and sell of a property entails several complexities and processes. Actually, hiring of a real estate agent is not a requirement if you want to either buy or sell a house. But many have attested to the many advantages a real estate agent can […]

Prequalification For A Mortgage – How Important Is It?

Buying a house can cause unknown jitters in you. You will have sleepless nights because of some questions in your mind which you could not find answers for. And surely, these mind boggling issues pertain to your first house purchase. You are in a deep quandary as to how much would you be able to […]

Find a Good Deal on an East Coast Vacation Home

Whether you’re looking for a condominium, multi-family unit or a single-family home, you’ll find an abundance available in the housing market in almost every major city in the U.S. Florida’s slumping home market has targeted this state for some sweet deals on real estate. You’ll even find beach front property at astounding prices. Check out […]

Steps to Follow When Buying Undeveloped Land

You and your spouse have started a family, and you are getting to that point where you want to be in a house long-term so that you can raise your children in it. You want to find the perfect house. Your dream house, let’s say; one that it is in a good location and a […]

Should You Buy a Vacation Home If you Can Afford It?

As I write this I am looking out the window from a condo in the mountains in N.C. The views are magnificent, temperature is cooler then the city, people are friendly, and there is much to do and see. We are visiting friends for the second summer in an exclusive area that is populated with […]

The Importance of Partnering with the Right Real Estate Agent When House Hunting

When it comes time to buying a home, finding the right real estate agent can help make the difference between a relatively easy transition into your dream property and a lengthy frustrating process. Whether purchasing your first house, expanding your real estate portfolio or upgrading into the luxury market, working with someone knowledgeable will help […]

How to Find Good Deals in Real Estate

A thriving real estate investor or retailer solves a lot of other people’s problems; that’s how you become successful. The more knowledge, ability, experience, contacts, and resources you have, the more solutions you can begin to offer people in solving their problems. In addition to this, you will be ahead of the pack if you […]

June 2010 Austin Home Sales Market Statistics

June was the kind of month that keeps the optimists happy in Austin, TX – there was absolutely no bad news for June when it comes to Austin homes and Austin condos. The numbers all bear it out – Austin is still a vibrant and healthy real estate market, and the positive changes of June […]