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Las Vegas Bus Tours to Grand Canyon Over New Years Holiday

If you\’re headed out to Las Vegas for the New Year\’s holidays, definitely consider taking a Grand Canyon bus tour. Enjoying the Las Vegas Strip is your top priority. But I find that many visitors like to take a break from celebrating by taking a trip to the Canyon. If you do this, you have […]

Grand Canyon Tours – New Years Adventures From Las Vegas

New Year\’s holidays in Las Vegas are a great way to ring in 2014. But if you really want to make it a trip to remember, consider going on a day trip to the Grand Canyon. Yes, the Grand Canyon. I know it sounds odd at first but in actuality it\’s very realistic. See, the […]

Things to Do and See When Visiting Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon National Park has long been a must-see destination given the fact that it is home to a geographical and world renown marvel. Given its immense size, the Grand Canyon is a visually inspiring and powerful landscape. More than its aesthetic intrigue, however, the history of this location and the process by which […]

Custom Blinds Business Is Booming Due To Housing Recovery

Custom blinds are becoming an increasingly popular demand for those seeking a new home or apartment. Having custom blinds installed in your home can create a unique masterpiece and excellent design specific to your unique home and living area. As the economy continues to approve along with the housing market, demand for custom blinds tends […]

Estate Planning and Asset Protection Often Goes Overlooked

It is commonly noted by financial planners that the areas of estate planning and asset protection are two of the most overlooked financial planning topics. Many people tend to focus on retirement and investment allocation, but often forget to protect those assets they spent significant portions of their time and effort building. Protecting those assets, […]

How to Choose the Right ESD Floor For Your Industrial Application

In industries where electronic components are involved, electrostatic discharge can lead to failure of sensitive devices. An ESD floor must consist of materials designed to specific electrical resistance requirements. High performance ESD floor coverings with static dissipative properties will perform even better if certain factors such as: condition of the subfloor, the cost to repair […]

How to Select the Correct Conductive Flooring and ESD Flooring For Industrial Facilities

Choosing suitable and cost-effective ESD and conductive flooring may seem like a insurmountable task, for many facility executives. Many high technology industries have buildings that may contain different processes in various areas of the manufacturing floor. Further complicating things, each department may have different flooring needs from durability, stain resistance, chemical resistance, or electrical resistance. […]

Better ESD Floors Are Needed, As Electronic Devices Become More Sensitive

The need for effective ESD floors for static protection, to eliminate electrostatic charges (the electric charge that rests on the surface of an insulated body that establishes an electrostatic field) from materials and personnel is required in many industries. Damage to the electronic devices especially class 0 ESDS devices (ultra-sensitive devices that are vulnerable to […]

How to Write an Effective Static Dissipative Epoxy Flooring Specification

ESD flooring specifiers and buyers have a myriad of concerns, when selecting an epoxy floor system, including architectural considerations, durability, longevity, maintenance, and quality of electrical properties. The decision makers shall need to understand both static control specifications, and the effect that installing epoxy ESD flooring will have on the success of their business. The […]

This is My Most Embarrassing Publicity Episode!

In my last post I promised to reveal my most embarrassing publicity episode (yep, I have them too). Well, here goes. All the grim details. Plus I\’m going to let you in on a little secret. I had read all the books in the library and the bookstore about how to get publicity, but I\’ll […]