Corporate World Business Dining Etiquette

Are you going to participate a business lunch, but do not know what is the dining etiquette? Concerned that his client could go? Lunch with a client usually happens when you work in the corporate world. Gone are the days when trade relations are conducted usually in the offices. Dinner, to satisfy a customer is […]

How to Practice Proper Business Eitquette

It is often said that respect testifies respect. This just goes to the importance of the practice of business etiquette to show if it is long or found new customers and other partners. The business world is a host to a wide range of possibilities. Today a number of trade relations transpires within the four […]

Psychic Improvement

How many want our deepest desires to be fulfilled or to enjoy a better life? On any given day the decision you make can change your entire life in the split of a second. Making that yellow light, choosing those lottery numbers, or deciding to go out for the night. Every decision we make can […]

A Global Vision: The New Healing of Humanity

The New Shift: Adding A New Dimension To Conscious Awareness There is nothing new about human consciousness awakening and evolving. There is a new shift that human consciousness is taking right now. This new evolutionary step is an expansion of human consciousness. Think about expanding beyond 3rd dimensional physical awareness, and 4th dimensional emotional/mental awareness. […]

Stop Listening to Your Girlfriends – Here’s What You Need to do to Get Him Back

You love ’em dearly. You know your girlfriends have your back. But, when it comes to tactics to get your ex back, they just may be steering you in the wrong direction. They could, well meaning as they may be, even be hurting your chances of success. Getting dumped by the boy you still love […]

How to Find Perfect Women to Date

Women. They’re the happiest bane to a man’s existence, responsible for much of his suffering, his happiness, his not-so-quiet moments, and in general responsible for much of our motivation and companionship for the majority of our lives. Would the world be better if we didn’t need women? Completely doubtful. But oftentimes, men have no idea […]

Grand Canyon Tours for the Holidays

One of my favorite times to visit the Grand Canyon is during the holiday season. Lots of folks will claim it\’s too cold but I think the lower temperatures are worth the extra effort, especially considering that for the most part you\’ll have to the Park to yourself. For me, the cold weather advisory really […]

Self-Love, Is it Possible?

Have you ever stared at yourself in a mirror? It is a surreal experience. When you stare deeply, un-halting for a period of time, the face in the mirror becomes almost unrecognizable. Weird! Is that me? What are those lines, those red spots, why does my nose look so big? Can I see inside the […]

Changing the Way We Grieve: The Boomer Generation

4,900 parents of baby boomers die every day in this country. Burying one’s parents has always been a painful midlife passage. I’ve seen my friends over the past five years go through the death of their last parent and just more recently a family friend’s husband, at the age of eighty, died after months of […]

Navigating A Networking Happy Hour

Everyone loves talking about networking in the business community. Meeting with colleagues, competitors, peers, and potential clients is, after all, the name of the game and can put you ahead in business. And without question, one of the most popular networking events continues to be the after-work Happy Hour. Yet time and time again, people […]