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Corporate World Business Dining Etiquette

Are you going to participate a business lunch, but do not know what is the dining etiquette? Concerned that his client could go? Lunch with a client usually happens when you work in the corporate world. Gone are the days when trade relations are conducted usually in the offices. Dinner, to satisfy a customer is […]

Tips For Improving Your Bedside Manner

Like others who work in the medical profession, you may sometimes lose sight of the fact that your patients are scared and stressed. It’s not uncommon for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and others who work in healthcare to forget that their patients are in foreign environments. While you may go to the hospital, laboratory, or doctor’s […]

Reviving the Lost Art of Social Manners

Many of us were taught the adage, “Kindness will take you where money cannot,” and it represented an era that kept social manners in the forefront. These social manners included saying “thank you” by sending a card that was handwritten and expressive and not a short, impersonal tweet. Today, there exists a dying art of […]

Etiquette Tips: Inviting Your Boss to Your Party

Holding a party and working on the details can be exceptionally fun. Still, you will have to consider some issues very carefully. The most perplexing aspect of holding a party or a reception is deciding on the guest list. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or your wedding, you will need to think whether to […]

Personalized Napkins Are a Fun Accessory

No matter how simplistic napkins sound to you, the fact is that they are very important. How? Well, napkins have the ability to make or break a party! Imagine, a kid’s birthday party has been planned and the mother has forgotten to get napkins. What happens? Yes, you guessed it! Kids wipe their ketchup-y hands […]

Poper Business Card Ettiquette

Three things make a good first impression: (1) a warm smile and looking the person straight in the eye, making solid and sincere eye contact, (2) a strong handshake, and (3) a classy business card. In some cultures, especially Asian cultures, business cards are so important that they are given with a bow in a […]

Budget-Friendly Fashion Tips For Men

These days, we have to admit that times are really hard. With the financial crisis and economic recession that hit almost everyone around the world, we can’t be unwise especially in our spending. As food and energy costs continue to soar, can we still afford new clothes and a wardrobe change? Well, it all boils […]

Party Etiquette Tips – Dinner Party Dos and Don’ts For Hosts and Guests

Dinner parties are great social celebrations and one can never be the same as another. People hold parties for different reasons. Whether for a simple get-together, an elaborate wedding reception, a house warming, or a personal celebration – people enjoy holding and attending parties. However, the same dinner party etiquette and reminders will apply. Just […]

A Complete Dressing Up Guide – From Tux to Cufflinks

Do you hate dressing up? Does the thought of being confined in a fresh, crisp dress shirt and well-ironed pants immediately make you feel nauseated? For some people dressing up for their day-to-day activities can be as easy as 1-2-3, but when it comes to dressing for an occasion, particularly a formal one, it can […]

Fashion Rules For Men to Live By

Who says fashion is only for women? Men nowadays definitely are not spared from this culture that has been made popular with, in the beginning, women in mind. It is now common for men to ask questions like how to go about matching their socks with their trousers, how to choose the right shirt colors, […]