The Benfits of Android Golf Lessons

Android golf lessons just make sense for you as you are busier than you have ever been before. Take a quick second to think about all of the information that you consume through your smart phone. If you are like most, you learn most of your daily news from your droid as well as sports […]

There is More Than One Way to Take a Putting Lesson

Putting is the most important aspect to learn if you are trying to play good golf. A putting lesson can come in many forms and below we will discuss some of the more popular options: Online Putting Lesson – You are correct! You can take a great putting lesson as long as you have an […]

Types of Availbale Golf Equipment

The golf equipment that you will need to play the game will greatly be determined by your goals of playing the game. Simply meaning this…If you are just out to get some exercise and do some socializing then the golf equipment may be different for you as opposed to if your goal is to be […]

What Golf Training Aids Are Available to Help Improve Your Game?

Golfers learn the game in various ways. A golf training aid is a great way to help you to learn to play golf as they can help you improve all facets of your game. Students basically learn through one of three ways, by feel, by sound or by visual cues. Depending on which training aid […]

How a One Handed Putting Drill Can Lower Your Scores

Many players struggle with getting a putt started on the correct line. A very simple one-handed putting drill has help many students get the feeling and master the mechanics of what is to happen in a consistent putting stroke. There are multiple reasons for using this easy putting drill including 1. Students are able to […]

Putting Drills To Help You Improve Your Scores

I say it ALL OF THE TIME…the quickest way to lower your score is to improve your putting. One way to do that is to use putting drill to improve your stroke. Here are a few different types of drills that different players use: Golf Putting Drills – Now that you have delegated time to […]

Golf Putting Drills To Make You A Better Putter

Although there is discussion about which element is more important, driving the ball or putting the ball, statistically, putting is the most important part of the game. Golf putting drills will help you shoot lower scores. Many players will say that you can hit one bad drive and make the stroke up with a good […]

Private Golf Classes Are Not Always Like Your Dad\’s Golf Lessons

Many players look to improve their game through private golf lessons every year. Some players struggle to take this type of golf instruction because they are intimidated by exposing themselves and their faults in front of a professional. Others players simply do not have the time and/or the money to get this type of golf […]

How to Find the Best Free Online Golf Lessons

Technology is a staple in almost everyone’s life and many golfers are looking for free online golf lessons. This begs questions such as: Where can I find free online golf lessons? How do I find a credible Online Golf Instructor? Can I really learn the game through online golf instruction? Below we will discuss these […]

Creative Hobbies For Women

Hobbies are a great way to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. The hobby of your choice does not even have to be physically involving. Your choice should ultimately depend on your interest. But if you prefer to stay indoors and explore your creativity, here are some suggestions you may want to consider. Scrapbooking is […]