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When Should You Contact a California Auto Accident Injury Lawyer?

When you get into a car accident, time is of the essence. Waiting around to decide what to do about it will lead to frustration and will ultimately place your financial situation in jeopardy. By acting quickly and hiring a California auto accident injury lawyer, rest assured that you are on the right track. We […]

How to Fix Software Quality Management Application Programming Interface

“Sqmapi” stands for Software Quality Management Application Programming Interface. It is a Microsoft Windows SQM client DLL file and is not considered a threat to your computer. Rather, it is a critical system file needed for your computer to run. It must not be modified or deleted. Otherwise, it will cause system errors including the […]

How to Fix Blue Screen of Death

Tcpip.sys error is associated with the much feared “BSOD” or Blue Screen of Death. The computer suddenly freezes and the screen will display a series of error messages. BSOD is a common Windows error regardless if whether your computer is old or new. It causes loss of data, especially unsaved data, and can recur overtime. […]

How to Fix Command-line Utility Errors

\”Wdsutil\” is a registry file used in conjunction with \”W32UIRes\” and \”binkw32\” files. They are commonly associated with Windows 8 operating systems but are also in Windows XP, Vista, and 7. It is used to run programs such as antivirus programs, browsers, and other applications. Causes The main cause for getting this error is because […]

How to Fix System and File Errors

Even the best computers encounter system and file errors. The best thing to do when problems related to an msdt.exe occurs is to know what it is and to identify the root of the problem. It is an executable file developed by Microsoft that is used by many applications. This file is used in the […]

How to Repair a Corrupted Device Driver File

A Vsmraid.sys is a file developed by Microsoft for the Windows Operating System. \”SYS\” files are critical system files and third-party device drivers. These files are responsible for connecting internal PC hardware or attached hardware to the third-party software programs such as web browsers. A \”Vsmraid.sys\” error is usually the result of a corrupt device […]

How to Fix “NT Layer” Errors

“Ntdll dll” is an acronym for NT Layer DLL. This file is included in a Windows system and it contains NT Kernel functions. A lot of people that experience a crash brought by ntdll.dll errors think that this file might be a virus or a spyware, but it isn’t. However, it can be corrupted by […]

How to Fix \”Photoviewer\” Errors

In today\’s social media generation, taking pictures is now as easy as breathing. It\’s no wonder that a popular social media site gets 350 millions of photos through uploads each day among their 1.15 billion users. Windows users in particular are well acquainted in utilizing the Windows Photo Gallery or Photo Viewer (depending on the […]

How to Fix Desktop Window Manager Errors

Viruses, trojans, and malwares nowadays are occupying our computer systems like wildfire. Posing as usual computer programs and processes, it is hard to know which ones are legit and which are doing silent damage. Some are even in disguise, with names that make them look like they are core processes, further bringing in confusion to […]

Strategic Management For Your Small Business

As a small business owner, the things you want to achieve with your business are not always written down. Advisors will say \”you need a business plan\”, bank managers will insist on one before approving that vital loan you need to fund your expansion. Whether or not you codify what you want for your business, […]