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Emaar MGF Scam or Hyderabad Land Scam – All Noise, No Substance

There’s something peculiar about the Indian media, it somehow loves sensationalism. How else can one explain why the alleged Hyderabad land scam was actually branded Emaar MGF Scam? It is very simple, the Indian news media market is limited but has far too many players. In the bid to outshine other news channels, some media […]

Emaar MGF, CBI Continue to Collaborate to Bring Emaar Scam Accused to Justice

In the state of Hyderabad, the state capital of Andhra Pradesh, the real estate giant from Dubai, along with its local partner MGF, found itself embroiled in a controversy regarding undervaluation of the land by a government agency. The allegation was that the government agency undervalued the land in order to give the real estate […]

Emaar Properties Case Hardly Affected Emaar MGF, CBI Continues Investigations

Emaar MGF combined has seen its own share of controversies in the Indian real estate market, as has any major corporation setting base in India. With the Indian market plagued with corruption and red tape, almost all new entrants in the market learn the market dynamics the hard way. Emaar, which entered Indian scene after […]

Emaar Case Sees Unique Cooperation Between Emaar MGF CBI

Emaar case is often referred to as one of the biggest hassle in the country’s real estate development sector. A case that has been more hyped by media and local politicos alike, the name bestowed upon this scam surely overshadows the real culprit in the case. Although Emaar Properties has denied all allegations in the […]

Even After Emaar Scam, Emaar Properties Supersedes Major Indian Real Estate Player

Emaar CBI connection in regards to Emaar Scam is a blessing in disguise for the real estate developer as detailed CBI investigation has revealed no evidences against the global player, thus clearing its role in the much hyped Emaar Scam. Emaar, co-accused along with APIIC or Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation were embroiled in a […]

Emaar Property Scam Not A Bottle Neck To Emaar’s Growth

Emaar accused in the alleged controversy surrounding Boulder Hills Township in the city of Hyderabad has announced its full co-operation to the investigating state agency, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Emaar accused of selling off Boulder Hills plots to the community at lesser value than agreed with its state partner APIIC (Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure […]

Emaar Shines Notwithstanding Hyderabad Land Scam

The alleged accusations against renowned global real estate developer Emaar for its involvement in the Hyderabad land scam has been vehemently denied by the property developer. The alleged scam centres around properties belonging to Emaar in the state capital of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad. An upscale community, the township was built with the vision of a […]

Emaar Properties Scandal or Emaar Scam, How Controversies Are Manufactured

Emaar is one of the world’s leading real estate firms and is based in Dubai UAE. Anyone who has any interest in real estate industry would vouch for the company’s impeccable reputation and professionalism. Set up in the year 1997, Emaar was launched as a real estate company but has since then moved in to […]

Emaar CBI Together Unfolds the Facts of Emaar Properties Scandal

Emaar Properties along with state run APIIC or Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation came under the purview of CBI for alleged involvement in Emaar Properties scandal or Boulder Hills township controversy in the state capital of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad. The infamous Emaar Properties scandal centres around alleged undervaluation of land in a bid to dilute […]

Emaar MGF Remains Unaffected by Iniquitous Allegations of Emaar Case

Emaar Properties started operation in India in 2005 by entering into collaboration with mega real estate player, MGF Development Limited birthing Emaar MGF. Since its inception, Emaar MGF has taken up several important developmental projects all across the nation. Major Indian cities have seen a steep rise in the numbers of luxurious residential and commercial […]