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How to Create a Website

Creating a website is relatively simple, but it does require some technical knowledge. The first step is to choose a web hosting provider and a domain name. Once the hosting provider and domain name are chosen, the next step is to install a website building platform. There are a variety of options, such as WordPress, […]


Since Adobe Systems introduced the PDF format in 1993 it has rapidly become the number one universal document format on the internet. Not without any reasons, as there is a growing demand for such a universal format to allow people to share their ideas and work digitally on the internet. The number of different software […]

Extended Enterprise With API & SalesForce Integration

Typically, a number of areas/departments of any business leverage SalesForce and integrates with other applications to achieve various process automation including Sales, Finance, Marketing and Service automation. For example, Quote to Cash, Single Customer view. Each of these departments may have different ways of documenting their role in the conversion process and may use a […]

Why is Windows Phone Failing?

Recent market statistics shows that Windows mobile platform is falling down like a rock. A few years ago Microsoft have set a target to capture 5% of mobile market. But, expectation was obviously wrong since Windows phone platform fell from 2% to 0,6% in 2016. Why is this a case? First of all, competition is […]

Control Multiple Branches With School & Tuition Management System

Managing a school in Singapore is no less than managing a company. If you are an administrator, then you know how vital it is to automate its daily activities using an integrated school and tuition management system. For Better Use, Let the Data Flow in Your System Can a school and tuition management software Singapore […]

Go For a Payroll Software Approved by IRAS Singapore

The time is ripe for you to search for a payroll software approved by IRAS and implement it for the benefit of your organization. It is a necessary step because there is a limit on the resources a business can invest in its manual payroll processing. Reduce the Cost of Non-Core Tasks with a Payroll […]

Fairchild and Fuji Electric Are Going to Launch Advanced and Descrete IGBTs

Fairchild Semiconductor is extending its rising product line of automotive-category semiconductor solutions for hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) and electric vehicles (EV) with its new detached and bare die IGBTs and diodes. These IGBTs and diodes are perfect for traction inverters, nucleus of all HEVs, PHEVs and EVs that alter the […]

IOS Training Institute in Bangalore

Opening for best Android Training in Bangalore and iOS Training in Bangalore. Infocampus is the leading iOS Android Training institute in Bangalore. We offers the training by android development experts & iOS application development experts. The iOS App Development using Swift training course will introduce the participants to the exciting world of iOS application development. […]

Use of IGBT in Hybrid Electric Vehicles and UPS

One of the rapidly growing and diversified industries is the automotive manufacturing, which is the largest with a broad extent in consumer preferences for model, easement and innovation. Everyone will profess that severe urban pollution is occurred by the gasoline powered vehicles when these consume dwindling fossil fuel resources. Expansion of electric and hybrid-electric vehicles […]

Use of IGBT in Plasma Cutting and Welding

The definition of plasma cutting is cutting different electrically conductive materials (mainly metals such as steel, aluminum, brass and copper) of various sizes and breadth using a plasma jet. This torch of plasma is hot enough to thaw the material which is being cut and it moves fast to blow the ragged part away from […]