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Pediatrics: How to Find the Right Person

When it comes to pediatrics, it is important to find the right person to work with your family. Consider this a long term relationship and you want to make sure that things are going to work out until the kids grow and and don’t go to the kiddie specialist anymore. There are several factors to […]

Troche Delivery of Pharmaceutical Hormones is Effective – Available from Compounding Pharmacies

In the words of Mary Poppins, “Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” But so do gels, skin patches and troches. The first two delivery methods are probably familiar to most; however, troches may not. A troche is a small lozenge containing bio-identical hormones that is placed between the cheek and gum […]

Genomics And The New Medicine

Genomics Silagra is the science that investigates the genes of an organism. It involves the DNA sequencing, which upon completion is called a genome. Its first research was launched in 1970s with simple organisms as their subject. In the middle part of the 80s, the scientists pursued the DNA sequencing of humans, called the Human […]

Understanding Personalized Supplements

Generally, it is customary for us to have daily health supplements. Often, we take the advice of a friend or family in choosing which supplements we should take. Regularly, we are bombarded with advertisements on television, radio, newspapers, magazines and billboards on the latest supplements to hit the market. At times, our doctor would also […]

Do You Want To Find Out How To Hire Locum Tenen Physicians?

When a doctor has to leave his practice for any reason whether for personal reasons or just going on a holiday, they need to find good help for the time they will be away. However, doing it is easier said than actually doing it. Therefore, these doctors will want to know how to hire locum […]

All About Alli Weight Loss

Alli is an FDA-approved over-the-counter (OTC) weight loss pill that, when combined with a low-calorie diet and exercise regime can help dieters lose weight up to 50% faster than without the pill. In this era of obesity, high blood pressure, epidemic diabetes and heart disease, tackling poor eating habits now can vastly improve and even […]

Compounding Pharmacies Can Fill Pet Medication Prescriptions Too

Long before the onset of mass production of medications, doctors wrote prescriptions specific to each individual. One would then take the prescription to a pharmacy, where the ingredients would be measured according to the physician’s specific orders. This is still done today, through what are now called compounding pharmacies. Some people require changes in their […]

Insights On Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine is what physicians can do for an individual patient in treating certain diseases, most of which are caused by many gene interactions. The concept of customizing medicine seeks to address medical and physical conditions on a higher and deeper level: it is based on the genetic Levitra Professional makeup of each individual after […]

Personalized Medicine: Its Vision And Influences

The vision of personalized medicine is to prevent the expensive and elongated trial and error system that can render patients at pain from unwanted adverse reactions, while concurrently losing time in the battle against a disease. The evidence of the benefits of genomic medicine continues to grow, some industries work on areas -such as laws […]

Guarantees Weight Loss

Many people seek the next big thing that guarantees weight loss, so you may have heard of colon cleanse weight loss products that are becoming popular. Many people, however, are still confused about how – and if – it really works. Medical evidence indicates that colon cleansing can have many health benefits, but the main […]