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Preventing Your Pickup From Needing a Truck Doctor

We get annual checkups with our doctor and take care of our body the best way we can by trying to keep our cholesterol numbers low, right? But do you pay the same attention to your trucks’ pipes and engines parts so that they are healthy and running smooth, or do you just change the […]

Dangers of Pine Sap on Your Pickup Truck Finish

We are approaching that time of year when many folks will be transporting a freshly cut Christmas tree home to decorate for the holidays. Make absolutely sure that you protect your truck bed from the remnants of the tree needles which may have pine pitch on them. It’s best to remove the tree and store […]

How to Estimate Paintless Dent Repair Costs

When a car is damaged, it can be difficult to estimate the cost of paintless dent repair, especially when the number of dents is high or the damage is particularly complex. Paintless dent repair professionals might be inclined to overestimate the cost, while insurance providers might underestimate it…or at least that’s what might appear to […]

How to Fix Egg Damage on Your Truck’s Finish

Halloween lets everyone get their fill of candy and trick-or-treating, but also brings out the pranksters who can do damage to your truck.. I often get asked if eggs can damage the finish on a vehicle. The clear cut answer is “absolutely yes!” If your truck was a victim of egging this Halloween, here is […]

Make Sure Your New Pickup Has These Crucial Things

Shopping for a new pickup truck? It’s pretty important to include these things that you may tend to overlook when you are anxious to strike a deal and drive away with that new rig. You can always add some after-market toys and dress up your truck to suit your personality, but I am talking about […]

Tips to Make Sure Your Truck is Winter Ready

Every truck owner wants to get the maximum life out of their pickup. Some last longer than others, but you can beat the odds by following some very constructive preventative maintenance tips designed to improve the longevity of your truck. Some of the following tips may be obvious and things you do every year, others […]

Truck Bed Rails – a Necessity For Your Pickup

One of the best things about being the owner of a pickup truck is having the ability to carry things you wouldn’t be able to fit in your car or SUV, or you wouldn’t want to have the mess or dirt from what you are hauling damage your car upholstery. So if you are an […]

Your Truck Bed Cover is Not Enough

I am frequently looking for new additions for my truck in the line of accessories to improve the functionality of my pickup. I have found that the heaviest concentration first and foremost should be protection of the bed, making the obvious choice a cover. Once you have one in place, you may think that is […]

Crash Test Ratings – Where Does Your Truck Rate?

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (HIHS) rates crash testing from Good, to Acceptable, to Marginal to Poor. The crash testing they did for small-overlap rating of nine pickup trucks only resulted in one out of eight rating as Good. That was the Ford F-150 Super Cab, with the remaining eight allowing moderate to severe […]

Deciding Between a Diesel or Gas Truck

A decade ago, diesel engines on trucks was not very good. Today is different. Gas mileage on mid-size and full size trucks has improved during the last 10 years, so with improvements on both, how do you decide which is better for you when choosing between a diesel and a gas pickup truck? I always […]