Jewelry Brands – Sales Promotion With Trade Marketing.

One of main tasks of trade marketing is motivation to purchase. There are tools that may be used in trade marketing to promote sales at different levels of the value chain.

Encouraging distributors and wholesalers of jewelry brands.

– Price discount. Many jewelry brands think that sales discount are the main way of promotion. But honestly it’s not the best way, because it lead to lower margins.

Other tools for stimulating the wholesale in jewelry brands on level distributor – wholesaler may be:

– bonuses and prizes for increasing range or the number of customers;

– bonuses and prizes for increasing sales rather than made volume of purchases;

– training the distributor;

– assistance for distributor of inventory management, based on an analysis of stocks of other wholesalers and the current analysis of the market for a specific wholesaler region;

– retro-bonus for going through with purchase plan.

Promote jewelry retailers.

– Fees paid to the manager for purchases of retail chain;

– Putting goods on the network (providing merchandising, promotions, local advertising of jewelry brand);

– Help in management of store inventory with the calculation of the optimal flow for each position.

-Promotions for merchandisers and sellers.

Let’s talk about last point. Bonuses and prizes for employees may be the most efficient or worsen tool for promoting retail. When you plan these promotions it is important to correctly answer two questions: “What to give for?” and “What to give?”

What to give for? If for the amount of the purchase – it\’s the same commission, only slightly veiled. Prizes can be given for the expansion tabs, for the purchase of a new range or a complete line of goods.

What to give? Different types of institutions require different levels of income and interests of employees.

On this basis, jewelry stores must be spread into groups. These groups should have similar indicator of sales and the working conditions of employees. You must choose prizes for each group. Prizes should be the most relevant to interests of sellers, according to their income level.

Stimulation of the final consumer.

– Price discount.

– Merchandising with the correct display of the goods;

– Promotions;

– Loyalty programs.

Research shows that a competent display of goods can significantly increase sales. Promotions can increase sales by an average of up to 30%. The purpose of promotions – to receive an increase in sales with a minimum budget.

Other ways of promotion:

– Not losing lottery (return machine with a rotating set of gifts, which can return any bought goods);

– Sale of less selling jewelry with a substantial discount, if they are purchased in price with a more expensive jewelry;

– Trained consultants, who are able to properly lead client to purchase.

If you have a limited advertising budget, you can publish information about your company and your jewelry collections to jewelry directories. This allows you to present your company to tens and may be hundreds of jewelry directories. These registrations can bring you a trickle of buyers. Advanced jewelry catalogs offer its members the advanced and promotional marketing tools.

All of the above marketing tools for trade are cost-effective and can be used to increase sales of jewelry.

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