The Ease Of An Uncontested Divorce

Often divorce proceedings start amicably between the parties and everything appears to have been agreed regarding any settlements. However, if one party goes to a law firm with first discussing the matter, things can begin to go wrong.

The problem is that when the other party gets a copy of a letter from the law firm about the divorce, the way it is written can induce concern and make the other party annoyed. This often makes the person go to find his or her own lawyer to respond to the letter rather than discussing the matter. This is when what was once an amicable divorce suddenly takes a turn for the worst. It makes matters most unpleasant and now each party has the added issue of expensive law bills, just at a time when both parties need to conserve their money.

So the answer is to do everything you can to ensure that getting divorced remains amicable, quick and as inexpensive as possible. This is called an uncontested divorce and these types of divorce can be settled in a matter of weeks, provided if one party is willing to file and both parties have already agreed terms. Neither party needs to visit the offices of the law firm as everything can be completed on-line, by phone or by mail.

However, to obtain an uncontested divorce, certain requirements must be met. The requirements vary by state, so it’s important you make sure you check out the ones applicable for the state you live in. As an uncontested divorce is amicable, then why not check out which state offers the easiest divorce if you and your spouse now live in different states.

Looking at the state of Virginia, it has relatively straightforward criteria which makes getting an uncontested divorce fairly simple and quick. It also saves money because the work necessary by the law firm is kept to a minimum. As there is no need to visit the offices of the law firm, the premises are much smaller and do not need to be in an expensive part of town. It also reduces the law firms need for additional staff.

In Virginia it’s possible to get an uncontested divorce settled in as little as one week and you can expect the cost to be well under $1,000. The requirements state that there are no minor children involved and there must be evidence of formal residence for the previous six months. The parties must be able to show that they have been separated for a period of six months.

You can reduce the cost by about one third if you and your spouse are not in a great rush. The requirements are similar, the only difference being that you can opt for this if you have young children. You must be able to provide written proof that you and your spouse have lived apart for at least a period of 12 months and that you have agreed on living arrangements for the children and visiting rights.

by E. Perkins, assisted by Lauren Hill – Visit for uncontested divorce in Virginia. Click this link to visit Ephraim Law.

by E. Perkins – Visit for uncontested divorce in Virginia.

Author Bio: by E. Perkins, assisted by Lauren Hill – Visit for uncontested divorce in Virginia. Click this link to visit Ephraim Law.

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