No Fault Divorce

If the breakdown of the marriage is due to difference that cannot be reconciled and the divorce relates to a situation where one party is not putting specific blame on the other party, then is referred to as no fault divorce. No fault divorce is the commonest form of divorce and is the easiest for […]

Divorce; When the Term Fault is Involved

Always try to avoid a fault divorce if at all possible. It will be extremely stressful and undoubtedly expensive. You will find that a lot of the joint monies get used up during the proceedings. It can also result in one or both parties getting left with very little money and on a personal level […]

Divorce – Financial Support For Your Children

Getting divorced is a testing and trying time for anyone involved, not least your children. It’s therefore important to attempt to keep it as stress free for them as you can. However important love and care is to your children’s wellbeing, the fact is that the person who is granted custody of the children has […]

Divorce – Don’t Forget the Children

Divorce can have a devastating effect on children’s lives, if not handled in the correct manner. It’s not so bad if a divorce is amicable; in most instances agreement will be reached between the parties as to who will look after the children and what visiting rights are given for the other party. In these […]

Divorce When in the Military

For any party involved in divorce it is a difficult and stressful time. However, for military personnel it can be more difficult because of where they are stationed, which could be anywhere in the U.S. or even overseas. It is as a result of the difficulties that divorce by deposition has become a popular option […]

Lemon Laws: How To Avoid Getting Cheated?

New, used, or leased, regardless how you acquired the car, driving it is not an easy task. Your car may run smoothly after a week or two from the date of purchase, but it is no guarantee that the car will continuously run smoothly after a month or so. Car dealers are good business partners […]

Lemon Laws: How to Hire an Attorney?

Juicing a lemon is not as nourishing as you think- we’re talking about lemon vehicles here. In fact, driving a lemon can be quite risky and disastrous. Fortunately, lemon laws were enacted to protect consumers from total tragic driving experience. Car manufacturers are capable of driving you out of the court though. Lemon laws cases […]

Lemon Laws: Not Proposed For Everyone

Lemon laws were structured to exercise equity between the manufacturers and consumers of the United States. Each state has its own set of rules pertaining to consumers’ protection against deceptive automobile manufacturers. Generally, lemon laws protect consumers of defective vehicles that repeatedly fail to meet the standards of quality and performance after a reasonable repair […]

The 10 Steps to Filing For a Patent in the U.S.

Step 1- The Concept Before any idea can become an invention there are some requirements that it must meet. Is it something that other\’s would use? Would any companies buy the invention? Is there one similar to it on the market already and if there is, what makes this new design different? Step 2- Documentation […]

Why Small Companies Need Pollution Liability Insurance

If you are a small company that’s involved in a business that could create pollution incidents, you need pollution liability insurance as much, if not more, than a large organisation. The scale of a pollution incident has no bearing on the size of a company. A small company can easily create severe pollution the same […]