Critical Methods to Lose Pregnancy Weight

With a pregnancy comes a number of mixed emotions. Among these emotions is the feeling of frustration, at seeing that all the pounds gained during pregnancy are not shed right after delivery. The reality is that the average woman will gain about 25-35 pounds during their pregnancy. About 15 of these pounds will be shed right after delivery, while the rest of the pounds will take some time. There are a few simple things you can do that will help you lose pregnancy weight.

One of the best methods to continue to shed those pounds is by breastfeeding. While you are pregnant your body will begin to store fat tissue, to prepare for breastfeeding. This same fat is the one that you will be using when you are breastfeeding your newborn baby. During this time you burn about 500 calories per day, just by the simple act of feeding your child breast milk. You should enjoy this time with your baby as bonding time, and should not see this as a workout routine.

Eating healthy also plays an important factor in losing weight as well as provides the nutrients your baby needs. You should eat fruits, vegetables as well as whole grain foods. Chips and fried foods should be avoided whenever possible during this time. Chances are during the pregnancy your doctor placed you on a special diet. You should continue to follow this diet even after delivery. You should also drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.

Too much exercises are not a good idea right after the birth of your baby. You should still do activities that get your body moving, but you want to start slow. Taking walks around your neighborhood or at stores can be a great start. You do not want to start heavy exercises right away.

With the pregnancy, birth of your baby and breastfeeding, your body has gone through a series of changes. It is important to let your body heal, before taking on too much exercises. This is especially important if you had a cesarean. Check with your doctor to make sure the appropriate time has passed for your body to heal. You should wait about 3 months after birth, until your period is back to normal.

Sleeping habits can play a huge role in your weight loss amount. When you do not get enough hours of sleep you will eat more. This is mainly because the hormones that regulate your eating habits are not in sync. Your metabolism will also slow down, which will in turn slow down the burning of calories. It may be hard to sleep with a newborn baby, but you should always try to sleep when they sleep.

It does take the body nine months to gain these pounds, so it will take another nine months to get rid of them. Instead of worrying about those pounds, you should focus on your new born baby, and know that in time you will lose pregnancy weight. That is of course if you follow these simple steps.

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