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Was I the Only One

Back in the 70’s , I had a lot of time on my hands. Then, we thought technology was at a pretty high level as the family got their first car that had air conditioning. I was in hot, humid Central New York at the time. I want to say it was a big deal […]

Life\’s Too Short Not to Wear a 1960s Dresses

Dress length is a funny thing. There never seems to be a right or a wrong, even across many decades of fashion change the length of dresses has been a subject of much debate, deliberation, opinion and shock. Of course it always tends to be the preserve of the short dress to attract the most […]

The Levi\’s Denim Jacket and How it Secured a Place in Our Hearts

There are not many jackets that have kept a place in our hearts as long as the original Levi\’s denim jacket. Of course other jackets may spring to mind such as the Harrington, the Parka, the Duffell or the leather bomber, but have any of them sold in such volume and been featured in film, […]

British Men’s Love Affair With Their Coats

Coats of all shapes and sizes have always been treasured by British men. It’s probably because we have a climate that suits the coat perfectly well – it’s a little bit cold and damp and our shores are regularly buffeted by winds that can trace their origins back to the Arctic Circle. But that’s not […]

Dungarees – an Overall Success

There are items of clothing that have that enviable ability to survive. They keep returning generation after generation in new incarnations. Perhaps there are colour differences, tailoring modifications or material changes, but by hook or by crook they find another niche in modern fashion. Overcoats, waistcoats and pinafore dresses might qualify for this ability, but […]

Men and Fashion: Where Did it All go Wrong?

Over the festive period, many of us will have had the pleasure of attending the odd pantomime or watching period dramas on the television. While we can forgive a little artistic licence in the wardrobe departments, there’s a palpable sense that until relatively recently men took great care of their appearance. They would spend time […]

The Great Variety of Cheese Recipes

There are so many types of cheese available today and it seems that for every variety of cheese available there are dozens or more cheese recipes to choose from. Cheese is often used in main dishes but also in side dishes, baked goods and delicious dips and fondues. In the world of cheese, there\’s something […]

Malaysian Recipes Combine the Best of Many Worlds

Malaysia is a country tucked away in South East Asian, and while many people are familiar with name, not as many are familiar with the particular type of cuisine that Malaysia has come to offer the world. Malaysian recipes take on a familiar, yet unique taste, as they pull from their neighbors in China, India […]

Hong Kong – Exciting and Vibrant Recipes and Cuisine

While some may consider Hong Kong to just a small area of China, it actually has its own unique culture that draws on elements from British heritage, its Chinese heritage, and from its own unique perspective. The cuisine from the area is no different as it selects from these different elements, combining to give a […]

Types of Side Dish Recipes

Traditionally, side dishes recipes are used to whet the appetite of those getting ready to enjoy a main course meal. Side dish recipes, however, can serve different purposes in different situations. For example, in many modern restaurants side dishes are designed to be enjoyed alongside the main course – such as shrimp with a main […]