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The Gold Standard in History

To sell gold is a business venture that a few people have participated in. We are more acquainted with loaning our gold jewelry and other belongings than having to sell them to somebody else. This is because we tend to have an attachment to the things that we have acquired especially those that have monetary […]

What is a Creole Language?

The Haitian Creole language is one of the two official languages of Haiti and the main language spoken in Haiti by about eight million people. There are substantial pockets of Haitian Creole speakers in places where Haitiana immigrants have settled including the United States, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Bahamas, Cuba, Canada, and other Caribean islands. A […]

Native Americans Use the Amazing Tipi

If you’re familiar with Native Americans, you have seen them before. Those conical structures that have a myriad of wooden poles sticking out of the top of them. You might have seen them in that classic cowboys and Indians movie from the black-and-white era of Hollywood. Or you might live close to a real reservation […]

What Are The UN Development Goals For The Millennium?

The Millennium Declaration was adopted in September 2000 at the Millennium Summit, signed by 191 countries, and it set the Millennium UN Development Goals. The millennium Declaration is the only global development agenda over which there is agreement at the highest level among the majority of the world states. At the Millennium Summit, the Member […]

Appreciating the History of the Red Cross

The Red Cross has been an instrument in saving hundreds of thousands of human lives throughout the years. In the beginning, some of the earliest miracle work that the Red Cross was involved with was helping people who were suffering from the floods in Mississippi and Ohio. These floods occurred both in 1882 and 1884. […]

Hamlet’s Problem: Mind Body Dualism and Hamlet’s Disconnect

In his seminal philosophical treatise, Meditations, Renee Descartes asserted that man is comprised of two entities, mind and body, spirit and matter. The chief concept underlying Descartes’ mind body dualism is that the physical/ sensory world is a poor reflection of the true spiritual world. Although Descartes is credited with the first systematic account of […]