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Summer Arts Camps Offer Opportunities to Try New Crafts and Learn New Skills

“So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing with the Stars,” two popular reality television shows, have influenced popular culture to the extent that interest in dance has soared among young people. Parents evaluating summer camps for their children would do well to consider a dance or other arts camp as an excellent alternative to […]

Simple Tips to Design a Hoodie All by Yourself

Hoodies have been around for quite some time. It has provided people a fashionable way, to adapt to the different kinds of weather we experience around the world. One of the trends that involve these kinds of sweatshirts is customizing it, in accordance to the individual’s preference. Customizing them apply not just for teens but […]

Authentic And Aesthetic At Art Gallery Melbourne

Regarded as the cultural and fashion capital of Australia, Melbourne is also a multicultural city. Like every other visitor and overseas-born inhabitant, you can enjoy the warm and friendly city ambiance. Art gallery Melbourne speaks of the conservatism, refinement and elegance of Australia’s second largest city. The lifestyle revolution that Melbourne undergoes complements the richness […]

Significance of the Masai Shield

Massai shields are used not only as weapons in the Massai culture of Kenya. They also express the art and culture of the Massai people in Kenya. The Maasai warriors are one of the most prominent and respected ethnic groups in Kenya. Maasai men, in order to become warriors, must go out alone into the […]

Camps for Aspiring Artists Occupy Children During the Summer Months

Summer camps offer aspiring young artists numerous opportunities to grow as individuals, make new friends, and explore interests far more than the school year provides. For children with artistic interests, summer arts programs are an excellent opportunity for learning new skills and getting one on one time, often with industry experts. Unleashing the creative spirit […]

Ballet For Beginners

When most of us think of ballet, we imagine graceful men and women gliding across the floor on tiptoe, clad in pink tutus or elegant black tights. However, it takes years of practice to perfect the seamless transitions and flowing movements, and most experts recommend beginning at a very young age in order to train […]

How to Play the Awale Game

This traditional African game is fun for all ages, as proven by its long history and popularity in Africa. Comes with a set of beads and a rule sheet to explain how it is played; although there are too many variations of this game to list. Enjoy some of the fun of this African game […]

Art on The Wall: Original Art Or Print?

Regardless of how beautiful and comfortable the furnishings are in a room and lovely the colors and design, it will never be complete with bare walls. Bare walls bespeak temporary, cold, and cavernous. A room with bare walls Kamagra Gold has no warmth or character. It’s unbalanced and simply uninviting. A single piece of well-chosen […]

Capturing the Special Moments

Photographs are visual representations of memories. These visual representations are very important to use. We take many candid shots of places, people, and special moments so that we will be able to better remember the past. We also like to take formal pictures to remember landmarks in our and our loved ones lives. For example, […]

Learn An Easy Craft – Stamping

Stamping is a technique in arts and craft wherein an object, often a rubber stamp with some pattern on it, is pressed into ink and then pressed onto something like a sheet of paper so that the pattern on the stamp is transferred to the paper. In the beginning stamping was used primarily in business […]