Race and Intelligence

Over time, Dr. James Watson, the esteemed Nobel Prize winner, established himself as a magnificent scientist. In fact, Watson was held in such high regard as Dr. Francis Crick, his Nobel Prize winning associate. Watson was a philosophical-yet-practical intellectual who applied liberal, deducible and introductory logic., who left no room for error in his experiments, specifically when trying to discover DNA. For this substantial reason, it is my belief that James Watson, PhD, was not wrong in 2014 when he stated that not all members of the human race had identical levels of cognitive ability or genetic intelligence. Based on Watson’s studies, if all races had an identical inherited mindset, there would have been a notable ascension of intellectual progress in science, art, math, and educational civilization all over the ancient world from the three original human races: the Mongoloid stock, the Caucasoid stock, and the Congoid/Capoid stock.

Western history cites the ancient Greeks as the ones who discovered mathematics, philosophy, drama, poetics, natural science and medical science. Eastern civilization – particularly the Chinese, even though they were isolated from the ancient Western world, – are credited with innovative cultural discoveries in the same fundamental areas. For example, while ancient Greeks were treating brain tumors around 600 B.C. with electricity from primitively-built batteries, the Chinese were treating diseases with acupuncture and herbs. Astronomical studies in Greece, China, the northern African Egypt, and the much older Mesopotamian civilizations, produced primitive calendar systems and clocks in order to keep track of time. The Chinese outperformed the Greeks in their development and discovery of rockets and the black powder that powered it. With all that said, the unique mark of advanced civilizations are the development of transportation systems and roads. The Greeks and their mimicking Caucasoid heirs, the Romans, constructed intricate road systems for the intention to commute and establish trade. Similarly, the Chinese are credited for developing strong wall and road systems throughout the ancient East.

The great predicament in human developmental egalitarianism is what took place in Africa, where the Negroid racial stock originates from. According to paleontologists, contemporary human beings emerged from African regions. The cognitive intellectual development of those initial humans – Africans who inhabited their continent in the Mediterranean coastal regions of northern Africa (which consisted of spaces inhabited by the Carthaginians and ancient Phoenicians), as well as south of Egypt – have been thought of as far less than that of the Mongoloid and Caucasoid racial stocks. This is because the studies of the native or indigenous intellectual development, and the accomplishments that came with the sub-continental Africans, where the larger inhabitants of these black human beings lived.

Paleontologists, historians, and anthropologists all over the globe have deduced that there were no similar progressions in culture that happened anciently with the Chinese and the Greeks. Though we might think that the intelligence of the Mongoloids, from which the Chinese race originated, may have been, and may now be, far bigger than that of the Caucasoid race from which the Greeks originated, it is without question that the Negroid stock humans, from which the African people originated, didn’t make any of the achievements in intellectual development that were made by other races.One of the most stark and fundamental contrasts made between the people of Eurasia and lower-Africa is that there was a total lack of roads for the intention of African commerce and communication between the native tribes until white Europeans started supplying their own money and time into the natural resources of the African regions.

There has been some speculation which has been called racist, specifically pertaining to scientists who claimed that one race of humans may have had much more cognitive ability and intellect than others. These accusations are not fair, when taking hereditary racial skills into consideration. There is no question that, over centuries, Africans have proven to possess greater genetic, physiological and athletic abilities than other races of humans. They also have greater agility, strength, and endurance than most races. Based on Dr. James Watson’s standardized intelligence tests administered on black Africans in culture-fair circumstances, he theorizes that the majority of indigenous Africans aren’t as fundamentally intelligent as Asian and white humans of modern civilization, and as such, has been criticized as being a bigot. This generalization isn’t by any means more partial than suggesting that average Mongoloid and Caucasoid stock men are unable to play basketball as well as average men of Negroid African descent. The quick adjustment of black African-American men into basketball, American football and baseball since 1955 has pointed out that black African-American men are more physically skilled at jumping, running, carrying and catching a football, and shooting a basketball than white American men. The professional and collegiate athletic reports will completely corroborate this matter, as well as the reality that there have been more accomplished white quarterbacks in professional and collegiate football history than black African-American quarterbacks.

The logic behind this difference has been connected to the quarterback’s intellect, as well as his strength, size, agility and speed. Since 1950, the professional and collegiate reports of football accomplishments have established that the speed, size, and strength of the African-American running-backs and linemen have far-surpassed the achievements and abilities of many of the white American football players in the same positions. This doesn’t negate the fact that there have been some black African-American quarterbacks of prominence, but these handful of athletes are mere exceptions.

The combination of the races from the Negroid, Caucasoid, and Mongoloid racial stocks have been an ongoing experiment that has shown fluctuating outcomes. From an entirely genetic and physiological perspective, the inter-racial blend of genetic stock has indefinite conclusions. If, perhaps, a man of black African descent has relations with a woman of white European descent, it is not possible that the children of that relationship will inherit the complete genetic intellect of just the smarter sexual partner. The likelihood of the child genetically acquiring secondary-genetic intellect than the not-as-smart sexual partner is more likely in that blend, as the likelihood of the child genetically acquiring decreased-intellect than the smarter sexual partner. The genetic odds in a case of a hybrid are opposed to the reproduction of children with higher or similar intellect than the smarter sexual partner. For instance, if two confirmed geniuses, female and male, of identical racial stock, neither of which contain any biological defects, have relations and produce a child, that boy or girl would have a 95% chance of having the identical, if not greater, genetic intellect as the one with the smarter sexual partner. If a female and male of the same race, who don’t have any physical abnormalities and both contain an average intellect, reproduce a child, that child would have about an 85% chance of inheriting a better intellect than the smarter sexual partner, and a 20% likelihood of acquiring a lesser intelligence than the partner who isn’t as smart. Further, if two certified geniuses of unique races, for example, a Mongoloid woman and a Negroid man, neither of which have any physical abnormalities, produce a child, the boy or girl would have about a 90% chance of inheriting a lesser genetic intellect that the smarter sexual partner, and about a 40% chance of inheriting a lesser genetic intelligence than the partner who is less smart. Therefore, the mixing of races through inter-racial marriage can be fulfilling in a simply emotional or visceral manner, but the likelihood of the genetic transfer of greater or similar intellect to a child through genetic combination is scientifically canceled out, as such a blend is merely a genetic experiment that will develop an unknown result, no different than cross-breeding rabbits, horses, or bovines. Is this a declaration of unproven bigotry, or a practical development of pure scientific experimentation? In the similar method that Dr. James Watson’s commentary on the unsatisfactory results of intellect experiments on black African women, men, and children may be incorrectly perceived as racist foolishness for purely political intentions by non-scientific people, the scientific details regarding the genetic reproductive results of inter-racial unions and marriage, which have been proven by practical experiments, might be banished to the garbage pile of bigotry as well.

It would absolutely be joyous to learn conclusively that every human being was genetically identical in every way, but this is just not the case. Even the similarities deliberated for man in the Declaration of Independence is only equality under man’s written law, and not based on intellectual or physical egalitarianism. If it were intellectual and physical balances in that document, it would have been a blatant inconsistency of reality, but Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson understood precisely what kind of equality God uniformly bestowed on mankind, and it wasn’t genetic intellect. The best case scenario people can hope for are the genetic exceptions to the rule – people whose exceptional intellects came from Negroid, Caucasoid, and Mongoloid races by absolute chance, and not by natural design.

For new-age psychologists, sociologists, historians and social scientists to refer to a famed, Nobel Prize winning, molecular-biologist like Dr. James Watson as a racist because he determined a totally scientific resolution based on observational scientific testing and research, is without question as ridiculous as phrenologists were in the early 20th Century when they told medical doctors and biologists that they were stupid to believe that the foundations of the human brain weren’t vital when examining a person’s behavior in conjunction with the irregularities and dents on an individual’s skull. After presenting an eminent scientist with a Nobel Prize for uncovering the molecular groundwork for all human cellular identity and heredity – DNA – it would be worthwhile to hear what these molecular biologists has to say about heredity, genetics, and human intelligence.

Kaspar Schmidt is the man behind https://haplomaps.com , a website where you can find unique haplogroup maps, that are very useful to visualize and explore human DNA distribution worldwide and also read original articles, related to ancestry DNA, human Genetics and Genealogy.

Kaspar Schmidt is the man behind http://haplomaps.com , a website where you can find unique haplogroup maps, that are very useful to visualize and explore human DNA distribution worldwide and also read original articles, related to ancestry DNA, human Genetics and Genealogy.

Author Bio: Kaspar Schmidt is the man behind https://haplomaps.com , a website where you can find unique haplogroup maps, that are very useful to visualize and explore human DNA distribution worldwide and also read original articles, related to ancestry DNA, human Genetics and Genealogy.

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