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Top Reasons Why Your Brand Isn’t Acquiring As Many Followers on Twitter

Not getting enough Twitter followers? Here’s why that’s probably happening: 1.Your Twitter bio is missing If you don’t have a Twitter, how do people know who or what you’re all about? While you may argue that everybody knows who you are, and what you do, but for the sake of those who don’t, a Twitter […]

5 Go-to Tips to Master Pinterest For Your Small Business – (Infographic)

Don’t be under the impression that online scrapbooking platform Pinterest is only for amateurs and DIYers. If you are a small business owner who is looking to connect with potential client or drive sales, you shouldn’t ignore Pinterest as the valuable marketing tool it is. Here are some Pinterest facts that are going to make […]

How to Use Instagram to WOW Your Audience – (Infographic)

If you are planning to take your business online and explore the possibilities, Instagram is an absolute must. Using Instagram for business doesn’t mean you have to stick up a bank and get loads of cash to pay for tastefully shot images. There are several ways you can use Instagram for business, make yourself visible […]

Rewriting the Race Categories

Race is a word that comes with cultural, phenotypic and genotypic connotations. This mix of attributes usually leads to controversy and confusion. Sometimes at the degree that some people claim that the concept of race is meaningless, and therefore should be eradicated from language. But, if this word is so meaningless, why is it still […]

The Homecoming of the Y-DNA Haplogroup R1b

‘Long long ago’. It’s a pretty relative term which differs for every individual. Like long long ago for some may be the last time they went out for a date or for others, the time when Dallas Cowboys last won a trophy. But in our story, long long ago’s 7000 thousand years ago. An African […]

From Genghis Khan’s Ancestors to Roman Soldiers in China

From Genghis Khan’s ancestors to Roman Soldiers in China, here are some surprising Genetic facts. One wonders from time to time as to where did he come from, how did it all begin. Most of the time this thought occurs when one finds himself passed out drunk near a gutter on Main Street and tries […]

DNA Testing For Adoptees

While using genealogy tracking websites like is a good place to start for those seeking to trace their roots, adoptees face a unique set of challenges. Individual laws governing the release of adoption information vary state to state, and it can be a complicated process to find detailed information on an adoptee’s biological parents. […]

European Tribes… And How to Make Them

The year’s 2166, it’s been 300 years since Mendel spent too much time observing peas and came out with the concept of Mendelian inheritance which sparked the beginning of Modern genetics. In non-scientific news, the Simpsons showrunners have announced that show will go on for at least a hundred more years. Aliens had first arrived […]

Population Bottleneck and How Humans Managed to Squeeze Through It

Whenever we hear about a bottleneck we imagine our nearest freeway where we pay a $10 toll in order to get stuck in 2 hours worth of traffic. Sometimes we get more than what we paid for and manage to get stuck in a jam for 3 hours. Bottleneck though isn’t just limited to traffic […]

Why a Well Designed Website Adds Value

When you choose to take your brand online, one of the first steps is effective web development. A well-designed website adds to your business’ success, increases its professional outlook, as well as builds its credibility on the digital space. While there are many free web development templates available for use, it is prudent to sign […]