How To Decide On A Petrol Or Diesel Engine When Buying Your Next Vehicle

According to figures provided by What Car? on 18 July 2007, around 40% of all new car purchases in that year were of cars that had a diesel engine. Historically, petrol engines have been the most popular choice, primarily because petrol has traditionally been the cheaper fuel type and cars that used petrol were usually cheaper to buy than their diesel counterparts. However, the figures by What Car? also show that not only are diesel cars becoming increasingly popular, but that over the coming years the ratio is expected to change, with diesel cars being more popular than petrol cars.

So if you’re buying a new vehicle, what type of engine should you choose?

Generally speaking, it all No prescription cialis depends on how much you use your vehicle. Although there are other affecting factors, if you can determine how much you use your vehicle, this should give you a good idea of which engine you should choose.

For example, when looking at cars, if you are the type of person who uses their car to drive to and from work, as well as dropping off and picking the children up from school and regular trips to town on a weekend, then you might be better off choosing a diesel engine. The reason behind this is that diesel cars offer a better MPG ratio and have lower CO2 emissions, meaning that you get more for your money from the pump, but you are also doing your bit to save the environment.

Reading that, it is easy to jump to the conclusion that anyone could benefit from a diesel engine, as they offer a better MPG than petrol engines. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case, mainly because diesel cars are often more expensive than the petrol variety, meaning that you have to cover a lot more miles to get your initial money back. Therefore, if you only travel a few miles a week, for instance, the equivalent of between 5 and 10 miles a day, over the course of only 2 or 3 journeys, then chances are a petrol engine is going to be your best bet.

Fortunately, the whole scenario is a lot easier Kamagra Soft with motorbikes, as not only are motorbikes almost exclusively built with petrol engines, but the overall running costs, including motorbike insurance, are a lot cheaper, meaning that even if the choice were available, the overall difference in cost would be negligible.

Choosing between diesel and petrol engines can be a difficult choice, especially as the cost of both fuel types is now almost the same (the fuel best price cialis price report produced by AA for April stated that the average cost of unleaded petrol in a garage was 120.5 pence per litre, whilst diesel was 121.6 pence per litre – a difference of just over a penny). With a little research, however, you can ensure that the most suitable car for your individual needs is chosen, saving you as much money as possible in all aspects of running your vehicle, without having to compromise on any aspect of owning the vehicle.

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