More Helpfull Tips For Packing Storage

Whether you’re packing things up to store for a month or ten years, knowing how to pack your belongings and prized possessions is important. There are quite a few variables involved when storing your items. Here are six helpfull tips for packing storage from someone who has spent a lifetime with ‘something or other’ stored somewhere.

Tip One: Choose your storage space wisely for the type of items you’ll be keeping there. If you’re storing clothing in a friend’s garage, you’ll probably live to regret it. While a garage may be okay for storing hard goods such as wood furniture or metal appliances, the environment will often breed mold and mildew very quickly on soft items such as clothing, stuffed animals, upholstery, drapery and linens. Invest in a climate-controlled facility when planning to store soft goods.

Tip Two: Never store food or unclean items. Knowing what not to store is as important as knowing how to pack for it. Rodents, ants and moths will be attracted to any food items no matter how well they are boxed up. Granted, if you’re merely storing canned food items for a couple of months in a climate-controlled room, that probably won’t be a problem. But it is important to keep pests away from your stuff, so even before packing kitchen ware, be sure to put everything through a dishwasher cycle and dry completely before packing it for storage.

Tip Three: Do not store clothing or soft goods in plastic garbage bags. There are many good airtight containers and bags on the market that allow you to store and vacuum the air out of the bag. Buy them and use them if your clothing is valuable to you. Also be sure to have clothes dry-cleaned and washed prior to storing. It is best to invest in professional wardrobe containers for suits and coats and any other item that should remain in a hanging position during storage.

Tip Four: As tempting as it may be, try not to store items in suitcases. Suitcases may seem like a great place to store clothing, but especially if you’ll be keeping things locked up for many months, chances are you’ll need your suitcase for business travel. Luggage is meant to be used as a temporary home for clothing. Surprisingly, your suitcases are best stored empty to avoid moisture from forming on clothes you might have thought would be safe there.

Tip Five: Storing shoes is something you may not give much thought to until you realize how expensive it would be to replace them. Shoes need breathing room and need to be protected from dirt and dust build up while stored. Invest in hanging shoe bags made of muslin and attached them to the rod in a portable boxed wardrobe. The shoes will be easy to retrieve and will have ample protection and air circulation. If you must store shoes in their original box, make sure the box has an air hole to avoid moisture build up.

Tip Six: Do invest in proper boxes and bubble wraps for dishes and glassware. It may be tempting to wrap your towels around dishes, but you may live to regret it. Fine glassware and collectibles should be handled with care. If the items are important to you, pack them properly for moving and storing so that you’ll be sure to enjoy them for years to come.

Our expert has many more helpfull tips for packing storage. Stay tuned for six more great ideas when it comes to storing all of your stuff the right way.

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