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Sending flowers when someone has passed is one of the most popular ways of showing your sympathy to the loved ones grieving. These honor the deceased and pay a tribute to the person that they were. Flowers add color, beauty and comfort to an otherwise somber event. Here are a few of the most popular flowers for a funeral that are used today.

Lilies are the first thing that comes to mind when a choice has to be made on what kind to send. That is what makes them one of the most popular choices, either sent in their own arrangement or in a mix. Their whiteness symbolizes peace and innocence, indicating that those things have been restored to the soul of the dearly departed.

Roses may be a symbol of Valentine’s in today’s society but they are also a very popular choice in these ceremonies. To send a message of reverence, youthfulness and innocence, a white rose is the most appropriate. Love, respect and courage are symbols that the red rose carries. For those who want to convey the message of love, grace and aristocracy, pink would be the color to choose.

Sending a chrysanthemum, or mums as they are generally called, sends the message of grief, showing that you are grieving during this period and also offering sympathy to the family. While an arrangement of gladioli send the message of strength of character, sincerity and moral integrity.

Carnations are one of the most popular choices for arrangements, sometimes combining all three colors or just red and white. And, like the roses, each color has its own special message that is appropriate in these situations. The red carnation indicates admiration, while the pink is a symbol of remembrance. White carnations are used to carry the message of love and innocence. A mixture of all three in a grand arrangement

Although all of these flowers are generally used at services, taking into consideration the favorite flower of the deceased can be the right arrangement to send. If they had a favorite flower or even flower arrangement that they loved, keep that in mind when you make your choice. A favorite flower in the family or the person closest to the one who has passed can also be added into arrangements.

Choosing the right flowers to send is just part of it though, you will need to decide how you want them presented. You can have a single flower arrangement or a mix of several different kinds. Florists can arrange them in a spray, that is generally a one sided arrangement and is set upon a stand or other surface to be displayed. Another option is the wreath of flowers; the wreath is a symbol of eternal life, the circle of life. An arrangement in a basket or vase is another option.

The type of flower that you choose can represent the sentiments that you are feeling at the time, even if it isn’t one of the most popular flowers for a funeral. Families find comfort in seeing the arrangements and colors, and the fact that someone cared enough to send them sends a very meaningful message to the deceased’s loved ones.

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