Driving For Haulage Companies? Then Make That Cab a Home From Home!

No disrespect intended, but driving for haulage companies is a bit like being a snail…you take your home around with you wherever you go. It might not be your real home, but it certainly gets to feel that way when you spend so many hours in the cab. You might not be able to get home and just splodge on the sofa in front of the TV, but that doesn’t mean that those stopovers have to be dull and boring. There are so many cool gizmos and gadgets on the market these days that can help you to while away a few hours.

The Usual Stuff

Of course truckers have had radios, CD players, DVD players and TVs in their trucks for years. They can create their own little home entertainment centres, and with so many great movies and so much great music to choose from, these offer a great opportunity to snuggle down and relax during rest stops. Nowadays, those who are driving for haulage companies often need to carry a laptop computer too for work purposes, but of course these also offer another great source of entertainment.

Give Those Fingers Some Exercise

If you do carry a laptop with you on your long journeys, a really fun little gizmo that will Kamagra Soft keep you occupied for ages and give at least part of your body some exercise, is a USB Finger Dance Mat. Although originally designed for bored office workers, they are also great fun for people who work for haulage companies and who have access to a computer. Basically, they work just like a regular dance mat, but require a lot less energy. Just plug in, select the style of game, hit Start and then get those fingers moving on the arrows as they light up.

Games Consoles

Games consoles might have been around for years in one form or another, but they just keep getting better and better. Being small and easy to just slip in a pocket, the Nintendo DS is a superb choice as the batteries last for several hours and there is a huge selection of games. You could either go for fantasy games, sports-related games, driving games (if you can bear the sight of yet another stretch of road), or alternatively you might like to pit your wits against one of the crossword puzzle, brain training or Sudoku games. So you see, working for haulage companies still allows you to keep your mind razor sharp and have loads of fun in your down time!

Chess Computers

If you’re really into strategy games, then a chess computer can be a great little investment. These too run on batteries, and you’ll be able to play for hours. Unlike trying to play the game on a smaller hand-held, electronic console, a chess computer has the benefit of regular-sized playing pieces which many might find easier to handle. All those hours on the road working for haulage companies could be a great opportunity to hone your skills so that next time a friend challenges you to a game, the only ‘mate’ you’ll be talking about will be ‘checkmate’!

Author Bio: Lyall Cresswell is the Managing Director of Haulage Exchange, the leading online trade network for the road transport industry across the UK and Europe. It provides services for haulage companies to buy and sell road transport and freight exchange in the domestic and international markets.

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