Selling Stock Photos Online For Profit

Freelance photography is a passion for many people, but others stay away from freelance photography because they are not sure how to make money off of this passion. The good news for those people who are unsure of how to make a profit off of their photography is that you can actually make a decent living from the stock photography business by selling stock photos online. And all the while you will still have the freedom to work at your convenience.

Submitting your photographs Tadacip to stock photography websites is like investing money in a bank because those images can generate income for you throughout your lifetime. Or at least as long as the websites are up and running. This is because once you post your images for sale they will remain available to buyers indefinitely.

This is called “passive income”. You do the work upfront (take the pictures, post them) and then the revenue continues coming in without any further effort. This is a great model to work towards for any freelancer as you continue to get paid even when you are no longer actively working.

The truth is that there are a lot of websites that allow photographers to sell their images. These stock photo sites come in a variety of sizes and have varying levels of quality images. But mainly the sites can be broken down into micro stock agencies and macro stock agencies.

Micro stock agencies such as iStockphoto, Dreamstime, Shutterstock and Fotolia sell your images for a very low cost from one dollar to a couple of hundred dollars while Macro stock agencies such as Alamy, Corbis and Getty will not sell any image for less than about fifty dollars.

While a fifty dollar sale might sound quite enticing, submitting images to Corbis and Getty can be a tough task for newcomers because their approval procedure is very tough. If you are just starting out you would probably do better to cut your teeth on the micro stock photo sites.

Can you make enough money from websites that sell images for just one dollar? Yes you can make money and you may even make a lot more than websites that will not sell images for lower than fifty dollars. But how is this possible?

The secret lies in the number of sales micro stock agencies can generate compared to macro stock agencies. A micro stock photograph could be sold hundreds of times while a macro stock agency will take a lot longer to reach even 50 sales. It’s really just simple economics. Sometimes selling more for less is more profitable.

Working your way into selling stock photos on a macro stock site is still something to strive for, but do not be discouraged that you are starting small as you may still be quite profitable. As you learn the tricks of the trade you will become better and better at producing quality images that sell.

Before you know it, you may even be able to call yourself a successful freelance photographer. But first you need to get start submitting your stock photos!

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