7 Simple Ways to Save Money on an All-Inclusive Jamaica Vacation

Planning a vacation isn’t as easy as it was in the past. Due to the economy, many Americans have reduced their travel significantly due to budget concerns. Although this is a wise decision, the vacation of your dreams can still be within your reach. If the vacation of your dreams is a trip to Jamaica, please keep reading on for some relatively simple ways for you to save money along the way.

Get a Cheap Jamaica Vacation Step #1 – Price Compare Resorts

When it comes to all-inclusive Jamaica resorts, you have quite a few choices. Price compare to find a good deal. To do this, you can visit a third-party travel website, but know that not all resorts appear on these sites. It might be best to go directly to the resort’s official website, which you can easily find with a standard internet search. Moreover, you are likely to find travel deals exclusive to that website, a detailed list of inclusions, and better pictures.

Get a Cheap Jamaica Vacation Step #2 – Compare Inclusions with Cost

Speaking of inclusions, another moneysaving tactic is to compare costs with the inclusions offered. You’ll find that a few resorts include your food and are all “we are all-inclusive.” Yes, they might kind of be, but a truly all-inclusive Jamaica resort has inclusions that not only include food, snacks, and drinks, but entertainment as well. Lets say you opt for a beachfront resort, snorkeling, scuba diving, sun fishing, or kayaking might be included in the cost of your stay. A great price is nice, but make sure you aren’t sacrificing anything to get it.

Get a Cheap Jamaica Vacation Step #3 – Flight Compare

All-inclusive resorts in Jamaica give you a number of options when booking your trip. One of those options concerns your airfare. Should you or shouldn’t you include it? Why not do a quick price check? After deciding on your “first” pick, request two vacation quotes. One with the airfare included and one with it not. Think you can get a better deal by booking your Jamaica flight separately? Do it!

Get a Cheap Jamaica Vacation Step #4 – Qualifying Airport Transfers

If you do opt to include airfare in with your travel package, look for something known as “qualifying airport transfers;” these are usually a provided inclusion. If you fly into the airport specified by the resort, someone a hotel representative will pickup you and possibly other guests at the airport. Something so simple can save time and money.

Get a Cheap Jamaica Vacation Step #5 – Inclusions You Will Use

As mentioned above, it is a wise idea to compare the cost of staying at an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica with inclusions offered. When you gain access to activities you enjoy, you have a better trip. Moreover, you see more savings. This is due to the fact that you don’t pay extra for rental gear. And, since you are occupied at the resort, you are less likely to venture off the resort’s property where you become responsible for all food, transportation, and entertainment fees.

Get a Cheap Jamaica Vacation Step #6 – Great Food

How do you know which all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica have great food? Unless you read reviews, you won’t know. What you can do is increase your chances by opting for a five-star resort and one that gives you multiple eateries to choose from. Once again, when you are pleased with what is available you are less likely to venture off the resort grounds. Moreover, having a choice is nice. Opt for an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica with an elegant sit-down restaurant, cafe, casual eatery, and bar for the largest selection of food, drinks, and snacks.

Get a Cheap Jamaica Vacation Step #7 – Tips

Typically, the norm with all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica is that your tip is included in the cost of your stay. This essentially means that your tip was already calculated into your travel costs. So, should you tip again? If your main goal is to save money, no. However, this practice can be hard to get use to; however, remember your moneysaving goals. On that same note, receive beyond exceptional service? Feel free to leave a tip; the final decision is yours to make.

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