A New Twist on an Old Riddle: What’s Black and White and Loved All Over?

When it comes time to decorate a bedroom for the son they are eagerly awaiting, inexperienced future mothers and fathers will often find themselves at wit’s end, given such a raft of possible options to select from and having no idea whatsoever as to how to go about winnowing those options down to an array of manageable proportions.

Most more experienced parents have learned by now that it is far better to sit down and spend a few hours thinking about their specific decorating needs and preferences well in advance, so that they don’t have to waste a great deal of unnecessary time and effort staring helplessly at an unlimited assortment of items on their computer screens as they embark on the major task of trying to find appropriate baby boy bedding.

Expectant parents whose tastes run to contemporary – or even avant garde – furnishings and art works are likely to feel most comfortable if their son’s new room contains more of the same and therefore feel like a natural extension of the rest of their home. Black and white baby bedding is an initial step of unparalleled sophistication and elegance when you are decorating a son’s nursery, particularly if that nursery is situated in the urban environment of a city house or apartment.

This dramatic combination instantly creates a setting that befits a successful young politician, an up-and-coming business leader, or an heir to a high-society dynasty. Those parents who have not arrived at such an elevated status themselves may nevertheless want their child’s surroundings to inspire him and to reflect their hopes and dreams for him as he grows up.

However, to ensure that your little one survives and even thrives, it is critical for you to be discriminating in your choice of crib bedding. You can avoid at least a few of the possibilities of harm that can befall an infant if you buy only those sheets which come in regulation sizes and therefore will remain safely in place rather than wrapping themselves around your sleeping boy. The quilt in his crib must not be too puffy, so you don’t risk the chance of its smothering him. And finally, the manufacturer’s label on each of his nursery items should clearly indicate that no potentially harmful substances were used in its production.

To make it easier to locate these sorts of safer bedding items and to make it easier to decorate efficiently as well, savvy parents concentrate on the many packaged ensembles that are available, since they are most likely to contain the proper merchandise for both purposes. Typically, the happy parents also discover an added benefit, since coordinated ensembles usually sell for less than the individual items purchased separately.

ew moms and dads to be frequently find themselves overwhelmed at the thought of decorating their baby boy’s nursery since there’s such a vast array of choices and they have no clue as to how to focus on a manageable number of items from which to choose.

But to make sure that your infant has the right environment at home, you need to be very careful in your choice of crib bedding. With safety as their first concern, parents will shop for only bedding which is of standard size and contains no dangerous chemicals. The covering of his bed should not be very bloated, to prevent the risk of suffocating him. And ultimately, the production tag on every one of his bedroom articles needs to show that there were no possibly injurious products included when it was being made.

A smart set of parents does well to concentrate on these prepackaged ensembles since they serve the dual purpose of making it easier to locate safer bedding items and decorate a room much more efficiently. To save the time and expense of purchasing all the bed linen separately and matching every piece, many parents select a crib bedding set which includes all the coordinated bedding they will need.

Author Bio: Fenella McPherson is a writer for Baby Bedding Zone, an online retailer of baby bedding, including a wide selection of black and white baby bedding and baby boy bedding.

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