Japanese School Uniform Manufacturer is Facing a Serious Situation

In recent years, students in a school uniform manufacturer in Japan faces a very severe situation. Over the years the birth rate continued to decrease, decreasing the total number of school age children, school consolidation has become commonplace among this mean for school uniform manufacturers the scale of the market. In this background, school uniform manufacturers start trying all efforts to unfavorable market conditions to survive and develop, Akashi clothing Industrial Co., Ltd. is such a business.

Improve the peak capacity of the orders
A few years ago, Akashi clothing Industrial production in Japan began to strengthen the bases, in October 2008, called “cherry factory” in the new plant put into production. The plant’s construction took 2 years, total investment of 800 million yen. Akashi clothing for Societe Generale, the new plant’s production not only means increased productivity, and is expected to form a linkage between the domestic production of other plant systems, which respond to different periods of production and demand.

Students in school uniforms are characterized, in addition to sales of goods placed in stores, the need in accordance with the student body size for processing, a real “custom apparel.” This means that, from order to delivery of all processes must be enrolled in the school announced the results to the opening of this time period. Although the company can advance based on some empirical data to produce some of the goods, but in the busy pre school period, the production has become an excessive burden on one of the issues facing the industry. Therefore, school uniform manufacturers, the peak period, about the competitiveness of production systems as a key factor.

Strengthen coordination and cooperation, division of plant
Akashi cherry clothing Industrial production plant, the production system to be clear: cherry factory in accordance with the planning headquarters for cutting programs and data, and sewing by affiliates or joint ventures completed, the final inspection of goods in the cherry factory completed. The adjustment, Akashi clothing Industrial production capacity of its own factories although it is still about 2.8 million units, but the peak period of production has increased more than 50%. In other words, business to order capabilities greatly enhanced.

Since 2000, Akashi clothing Ube Industries, was formed from the sewing factory to stop production of packaging systems, but most of the sewing factories and business co owned by the factory headquarters completed the total to 120. Cherry plant is completed, Akashi linen Industrial Cooperation will plant 120 plants with the specialization and cooperation as the key research issues, determine the “cherry workshop to cut, test based, sewing factory by the co operation to complete” line of thinking.Students in school uniforms for the production enterprises, the production management is the key to improve the cutting efficiency. Determine the characteristics of uniform small quantity and variety, short delivery time as the key to improving the competitiveness of enterprises, and reserve the equipment during production to improve efficiency become an unavoidable issue.

Ube plant has a new automated production system. The company’s computer aided design system (CAD) from 8 automatic marking machines, 5 including the bar code system including computer aided production system (CAM) and the OEM machine, ironing machine, mobile link, etc., seven employees of each days to undertake the work of 500 meter dash, 4 CAM space is guaranteed, the other one as a standby to respond to the peak of the production tasks.

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