Russia Called For High-end Clothing

With the Russian living standards in recent years, high street clothing stores began to appear in Moscow, BOSS, SALIDA, BENETTON and other world famous brands and even opened their own stores. The decoration is very particular about clothing store, selling clothing are all flown in from Europe, the Paris-date listing of clothing, before a week to Moscow boutique will be hung on the hanger. Of course, the price of these clothes are also very high, seemingly ordinary shirt, price is above USD 100, a suit should be the most expensive 500. Moscow, the monthly income of a salaried employee, also 300 dollars, can not often go to these boutiques to buy clothes, but the emergence of such clothing store, greatly improving the quality of clothing Moscow pursuit.

In Moscow, a group aimed at working-class shopping malls and large-scale integrated rapid rise of supermarkets, shopping malls and supermarkets, these have a good shopping environment and quality assurance, where imports of apparel sold in Europe and the United States attracted a part of fashion consumers, while the low-cost clothing they take into account the purchasing power of ordinary citizens, these shopping malls and supermarkets on the terminal market formed a direct impact.

Russia’s own clothing industry is also booming. The early independence in Russia, foreign clothing flood, Russian local clothing although work fine, but conservative style, single fabric, it is difficult to resist the impact of imports, the majority of garment factories closed on. After nearly 10 years of development, Russia’s own garment industry started to recover. Compared with the previous re-enter the market regardless of the Russian local clothing styles have a lot of progress, or the use of materials, and some can even be comparable to European and American clothing. Russia’s largest sporting goods retailer Sportmaster products include men’s casual clothing and children’s clothing, design, and work with the U.S. brand of products is very close to the GAP. The enterprises in Russia has its own design center, commissioned by the Asian garment processing, the price is very low, T-shirts for sale at 8-10 U.S. dollars, down jackets on sale from 80 to 100 U.S. dollars. The brand has just one store opened in Moscow in early, young people will be respected by Moscow. According to statistics of Chinese clothing into the supermarket, the Russian clothing market consumption in 2002 was 15 billion U.S. dollars, of which the middle class clothing consumption as much as 10 billion U.S. dollars. Russia’s market is gradually maturing, the Chinese businessman wants foothold, it must improve the quality of products, the creation of their own brands. In recent years, Russian consumers have also noted that the market of Chinese clothing, shoes are good quality, the same thing to the store to buy if the price will turn on some.

Reporters heard that Russia mall clothes are actually sold a lot of Chinese products, rigged inside the Russian brokers, European countries, China’s brand into a trademark, in order to attract customers. Reporter recently flew from Beijing to Moscow, the neighbor is doing a clothing business in Russia for many years the Chinese traders. He said that the quality of Chinese goods now have no problem, next step is to make an issue of trademark and brand. So far, no Chinese-known clothing brands in Russia, the Russians did not know that manufacturers and origin, all products from China referred to as “Chinese”, which seriously affect China’s clothing products to enter the formal marketing channels. But the situation is changing. Press two days ago to open a new supermarket, see the corduroy trousers of good quality, inexpensive, clearly printed above the “Made in China.” Seen in this light, Chinese clothing has taken the first step into the mall went.

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